Speak to the average stoner and they will tell you that there is absolutely no more captivating and enchanting fragrance than that of high quality marijuana.  In fact, it’s also pretty common to hear those who don’t go near the stuff admitting that in fragrance stakes alone, cannabis really is an absolute joy to be around. The buds, the smoke, the whole experience – a real sensory treat. On the whole, it’s difficult to imagine anyone genuinely having a problem with the unmistakable fragrance of marijuana.

However, speak to those who are firmly opposed to marijuana in every way, shape and form and they will no doubt tell you something quite different. As far as they’re concerned, there’s really nothing in the world they find more offensive than the rich and robust aroma of marijuana, both in its raw form and while being smoked. Why? Well, chances are that some of those concerned genuinely don’t like it – others probably having convinced themselves they don’t like it, just for the sake of being a nuisance. And then of course there are those for whom the whiff of weed comes across as no less than a slap in the face, having lobbied long and hard to prevent it from being legalised in the first place.

After all, who likes the smell of defeat?