It’s commonly assumed that if you are a famous Hollywood type (or at least a well-known figure of some description), you can pretty much make up your own rules as you go along. And it’s a rule that seems to apply when it comes to drug use too, as while it’s not exactly uncommon to hear of one of your mates being busted with cannabis or anything else for that matter, celebs seem to get away with things Scot free.

Or do they?

Quite simply, no…they most certainly do not. It’s just the fact that contrary to popular belief, not every instance of a celebrity being busted for drugs makes it to the gossip pages of the tabloids. Not that this stops word getting out and making articles like this possible – lucky for all of us, right?

So just in case any of these guys and gals had somehow slipped you by, here’s a quick rundown of just a small selection of some seriously famous faces with drug busts on their records: