While it’s fair to say that growing cannabis is both an art form and a very exact science, marijuana plants themselves are not particularly demanding. The fact that they grow so prolifically in the wild when provided with ideal conditions illustrates the point quite conclusively. It’s not as if marijuana is a rare or fragile plant species in general, which in turn means it needn’t be particularly challenging as a plant to grow at home.

Which begs the question – why on earth do so many newcomers to cannabis growing get things so spectacularly wrong?

Well, the simple answer is that in each and every instance where a marijuana growing effort goes wrong, it all comes down to either not giving the plant what it needs or giving it something it doesn’t need in error. There are certain basic requirements every cannabis plant needs in order to both survive and thrive.  Regardless of whether you decide to grow outdoors or indoors, you will need to ensure that nutrients, water and sunlight are all provided to the precise level your plants need. And while it might come across as a lot to learn on the surface, it is surprisingly easy to get the hang of and becomes second nature just as soon as you know what you are doing.

So if you’re intent on getting the very best out of your next (or current) attempt at growing, read on for a brief introduction to the very basic requirements of your plants and how to fulfill them.