If there’s one question about marijuana that’s been asked more than any other, it’s that of whether or not smoking cannabis as a teenager has a negative impact on later life. Critics have argued for decades that marijuana use as a youngster has a detrimental effect on health, education, professional success and so on as an adult. They also insist that there is a direct correlation between the amount of marijuana any given individual uses as a teenager and the severity of the impact on their life going forward.

By contrast, advocates insist that there is absolutely zero evidence whatsoever to back such claims, meaning that to voice them in the first place is nothing short of irresponsible. While it’s true to say that a variety of studies have been carried out into the physical and psychological effects of marijuana, there isn’t nearly enough evidence to support any claims whatsoever of weed teens ruining their future lives. Anecdotal evidence is one thing, but when it comes to the evidence produced on the back of thorough and reputable research…well, the picture painted is quite different to say the least.