If you’ve ever successfully gone about marijuana cultivation only to watch your precious buds waste away before your very eyes…well, let’s just say you are far from in the minority. The problem being that so many growers initially underestimate the importance of drying their buds in accordance with a strict set of rules and guidelines. They assume that given the fact that they have been so successful with their growing efforts, surely the drying process must be fool-proof…right?

Wrong, and many a fool it has claimed and will continue to claim for all time!

When you harvest your buds, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they don’t exactly look like the buds you’d pick up from a decent dealer. As such, it’s you yourself that needs to take the responsibility of transforming them from their current guise into that of the kind of buds you’ll be both proud of and blown away by.

Which begs the question – how to get it right?