Anyone who tries to tell you that weed hangovers don’t exist either a) has never had one or b) is trying to look hard-core and failing. The truth of the matter is that not only do weed hangovers exist, but they are absolutely horrible. You wake up, you’ve got a banging headache that just won’t quit, your mouth feels like it’s been stuffed with sandpaper and you’ve never felt so hollow. And just to make things even worse, you’re surrounded by a hell of a mess, a stink that’s pretty much nauseating and a bunch of friends who decided to crash out all over your living room.

What went wrong? Well, once again you decided your own sensible limitations didn’t exist for the evening and took things way further than you intended to. Often the result of hitting the weed edibles too quick without giving them chance to properly kick in, proper weed hangover hits hard…and sticks around for some time, too.

It’s one thing to feel a bit grim for an hour or two, but when you’re properly spun out after too much weed, it’s way worse than that. You’re stuck between exhausted and too jittery to sit still, desperate to get your life back together but can’t seem to move, want to laugh, cry, cower and indulge in self-loathing. Suffice to say, it’s neither fun nor pretty.

On the plus side, the successes and failures of a million stoners before you can be used to draw up a blueprint for getting back on your feet as quickly as humanly possible. You can’t expect to just brush it off in a matter of minutes, buy follow each of these steps to the letter and you might just find it easier to survive than you thought: