Some critics claim that consuming any cannabis whatsoever as a parent is irresponsible. In which case, you have to say the same about every parent on earth who ever indulges in a glass of wine or the occasional beer. It’s exactly the same thing – complete BS on both accounts.

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cannabis responsibly.  Irrespective of what the anti-pot set might have you think, there’s no reason cannabis should ever get in the way of positive parenting. It’s simply a case of ensuring you’re as mindful and proactive as necessary – as would be the case with alcohol.

In fact, responsible consumption of cannabis as a parent could actually prove beneficial. Better sleeping habits, lower levels of stress, more energy to tackle the day and so on – all possible through careful cannabis consumption. So to suggest that every parent that uses cannabis should be ashamed of their lifestyle is both unfair and unfounded.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you and you alone to ensure that your lifestyle choices are conducive with positive parenting. If that includes the periodic consumption of cannabis, why the hell not? Just as long as you’re the best parent you can be, that’s all that matters.

Still, experts on the advocacy side of the fence nonetheless advise due care and caution when consuming cannabis as a parent. A series of simple guidelines, which can help ensure your cannabis consumption doesn’t get in the way of positive parenting.

Key examples of which include the following:

1.  Establish your attitude and approach to cannabis consumption

The legal and responsible consumption of cannabis is nothing to be ashamed of.  Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll keep your cannabis consumption a secret, or discuss it honestly out in the open. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it – whichever fits your beliefs and your household.  Nevertheless, attempting to keep your cannabis consumption habits private as your kids grow older becomes increasingly difficult.

2.  Talk to your kids about cannabis at the right age

As a result, the time will come when you’ll need to speak about cannabis in general with your kids. Chances are that by the time they hit their teenage years, they’ll already be well aware of cannabis culture in general and what weed is all about. Nevertheless, they may not yet be in a position to make positive and informed decisions regarding their own attitude to cannabis and intentions regarding consumption. In any case, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that if your kids know you use cannabis, they’ll assume it’s safe to do the same.

3.  Choose the right place and time

When you think about it, no responsible parent would grab a beer shortly before driving their kids to school. Nor would a responsible parent get well and truly wasted in front of their kids, or hit the bottle heavily during quality time of any kind. It’s therefore important to exercise the same care and consideration when it comes to cannabis. When looking after younger children in particular, you need to be extremely mindful with regard to the time and place you get high.  For obvious reasons, waiting until your kids have gone to bed (or are away from home at a sleep-over) is the best way to go.

4.  Expect criticism from other parents

Unless you (somehow) manage to keep your cannabis consumption completely under wraps, you can expect a certain amount of criticism and friction from other parents. To such an extent that some may attempt to prevent their own kids visiting your property, or making friends and spending time with your children. Should this be the case, only you can decide where your priorities lie and what kind of action should be taken. On one hand, you’re right in saying judgmental outsiders have no right telling you what to do and are making dangerous and damaging assumptions for no good reason. On the other, you have to consider how the whole thing could be affecting your kids. From time to time, it may be necessary to swallow your pride.

5.  Never leave your equipment lying around

It’s not that your cannabis paraphernalia has to be your dirty little secret.  Nevertheless, it’s still worth keeping it out of sight and out of mind while not in use. This counts double when it comes to your stash itself, which may prove surprisingly tempting if accidentally discovered by your kids. Never forget that there’s a time-old tradition of kids attempting to get into their parents’ liquor cabinets and tasting the forbidden goodies within. It’s no different with your cannabis stash, so ensure it is kept comprehensively out of the way at all times.

6.  Prioritise activities and engagements

If there’s somewhere you need to be or something you need to do, ensure your cannabis consumption takes a back seat in the meantime. Examples of which may include parents evenings at school, social engagement with other parents are any instances where you need to drive anywhere whatsoever. These are the times when you’ll need to ensure there’s absolutely no cannabis in your system, for the safety and general welfare of everyone involved. Just as you wouldn’t drive or attend an event with the effects or after-effects of booze coursing through your system.

7.  Exercise odour control

Last but not least, don’t put your kids through the headache and heartache of having to attend school or other events while reeking of cannabis smoke. It’s a recipe for disaster, irrespective of whether or not cannabis is 100% legal where you live. Far too many people are still far too critical of the smell of cannabis – criticism you may be able to handle, but could be an entirely different story for your kids. Exercise odour control around the home and ensure that under no circumstances do your kids head out and about smelling of dank cannabis.