Big Cannabis Buds!

One question the vast majority of cannabis growers ask at some point or other is – what can I do to grow bigger, better buds? All growers have to start out somewhere and coming out with some seriously impressive results the first time just isn’t a realistic expectation. When you first start you may find yourself coming out with results that are okay…moderate…decent enough, but well, not exactly mind-blowing…

Nevertheless, the real frustration kicks in when you find yourself producing results that are only average on a consistent basis. You’ve worked hard and are totally convinced you’ve made all the right moves, so why is it your buds don’t match up to those you’ve seen everyone else producing and you still seem to be stuck in the amateur hour?

The simple fact of the matter is that everything you do (or fail to do) from start to finish will have a significant impact on the potency, fragrance and taste of the buds you produce. Which in turn means that there are literally thousands of things that could be standing between you and professional quality product. Not exactly a great deal of help, but the good news is that in the vast majority of instances, the key to bigger and better buds lies in a few critically important considerations.

So while there’s no silver-bullet solution no magic formula to guarantee you spectacular results, if you keep a close eye on a few key areas, take the time to do your research and work hard to gain a knowledge of exactly what it is that impacts on your plants you might just find yourself coming out with bigger, better, more potent results, every time:

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