No one quite knows why 420 is the stoner’s number. Some say that 420 was the police code for marijuana possession; others claim it is in celebration of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley or even Adolph Hitler (seriously). But the most credible story comes from Northern California, where a group of high school friends met every evening at 4:20 P.M. to smoke weed.

Regardless, 420 is for blazing, and this year, marijuana enthusiasts everywhere are preparing to rejoice for a full month: April 2020, or 4/20. Believe it or not, this once-in-a-lifetime pot holiday is barely a month away, which means you need to start stocking up on the best weed strains. Fortunately, we can help by pointing out exactly what you need to buy for the most legendary month of marijuana anyone has ever seen.

Disclaimer: Most weed enthusiasts know that indica and sativa don’t accurately explain a strain’s effects; more often, growers use these terms to describe growing styles. Still, when you visit a dispensary, you are likely to see strains classified by indica/sativa/hybrid, so that’s how we organised our list of the most popular strains for the most legendary weed holiday.

Sativa Strains

Sativas are tall, thin-leafed plants that are typically associated with a high that feels exciting and energizing. If you plan to wake-and-bake for the month of April, you should kick your day off with a Sativa, which will help you feel alert and elated to start your day.

Silver Haze

Named for the shiny silver of THC glands coating its buds, Silver Haze has a high that kicks into high gear almost immediately. You will feel focused and energized as well as euphoric, a perfect balance to get you through the day. However, you should be careful: There are several Silver Haze imposters with lower THC and less balanced effects, so you need to talk to your budtender to get the right strain.

Lemon Meringue

Also called Lemon Meringue Pie, this sticky-sweet, tart and nutty strain is delectably pungent, while offering uplifting mental effects and encouraging mental activity. In fact, Lemon Meringue is so beneficial that it is often used medicinally to combat fatigue and depression. On days when you feel low, grab yourself a strain of Lemon Meringue.

Indica Strains

Indicas are meant to mellow you out — relax your muscles, relieve any pain or anxiety and help you feel sleepy and content. They are best for the evening or days when you really don’t plan to go anywhere or do anything.

Blue Mystic

One of the most mysterious strains, especially considering its popularity, Blue Mystic’s genetics are almost entirely unknown, though experts speculate it has some Blueberry in there to lend a distinct berry aroma and light blue buds. A true indica, Blue Mystic pushes the feelings of relaxation and euphoria with some creative and social inclinations, to boot.

Northern Lights

Perhaps the most famous indica — if not the most famous strain of all — Northern Lights offers a sweet, spicy flavour and has blue, purple and green buds that are reminiscent of the famous aurora borealis, which gives the strain its name. The reason Northern Lights has found such success is its mellowing effects, which descend swiftly and comfortably to relieve pain and stress.

Vanilla Frosting

A relatively new indica to hit the scene, Vanilla Frosting boasts an innovative vanilla flavour that feels like a luxurious dessert. With strong Humboldt genetics, this strain from Happy Dreams Farm is sure to give you a strong body high but keep your mind clear — fantastic for 420 festivities.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrids are supposed to bring the best genetics from indica and sativa strains to create exceedingly powerful and laser-focused effects. You can find a hybrid that does almost anything you could ever want from marijuana, but these hybrids will always be our faves.

OG Kush

More than 20 years after it first emerged in Los Angeles, OG Kush remains an incredible hybrid strain that delights and astounds. With multicolour nugs that emit a citrusy scent, OG Kush boasts a strong head high that intensifies colours and sounds while uplifting mood. OG Kush is and always will be a beloved strain, and you should pay homage to it this April.

Memory Loss

Though Memory Loss is a hybrid, it is almost 90 percent sativa, so it is much more likely to get you going than to wind you down. As the name indicates, this strain was made to make your thoughts spin, dramatically increasing creativity while decreasing focus. Memory Loss is absolutely not recommended for nighttime use, but it can be helpful for relieving deep-seated aches and pains.

April 2020 will only happen once in your lifetime, so you should make the most of it if you can. At the very least, you should devote one weekend (before 4/20/20, perhaps?) to celebrate the best strains on offer at your local dispensary.

A Time for Cannabis Tourism

Legalization across much of the United States has given birth to an entirely new era of cannabis tourism. For some, it’s a case of traveling thousands of miles from more conservative countries for a taste of liberal pot policy. For others, it’s more a case of hopping over state lines and making a beeline for the nearest cannabis dispensary.

In any case, there’s really never been a better time than right now to consider planning a trip.  Across California, Colorado, Massachusetts and elsewhere, this year’s 420 celebrations look set to be the biggest and best in the history of commercial cannabis. From culinary cannabis cook-offs to huge outdoor festivals and everything in between, it’s a wall-to-wall tale of everything that makes cannabis culture epic.

Not to mention, an important opportunity to support the cause and do your bit to keep pot policy as liberal as it deserves to be.

Head over to Everfest for a detailed rundown of some of the biggest cannabis events taking place this year, which are well worth the journey.