best cannabis strains

For some, cannabis quality is measured by way of potency. As far as they’re concerned, the stronger the stuff is, the better…and that’s pretty much the end of the matter. For others, potency doesn’t hold nearly as much relevance as yields. In such instances, the focus is on producing as much as possible as quickly as possible, more often than not for financial reasons.

But at the same time, there’s a growing contingency of discerning cannabis users for whom nothing matters more than taste. Increasingly, high-quality cannabis strains are being engineered to deliver the most extraordinary flavour profiles – many with the kind of complexity and depth you’d expect from a fine wine…only better!

Of course, it’s all a very mixed bag when it comes to cannabis flavours. Just as there are plenty of low-grade strains that taste like hot garbage, there are hundreds that seem to promise great things and just don’t deliver. They carry the sweetest names imaginable, but serve up a whole load of nothing. Right at the other end of the spectrum come those strains that are nothing short of mouth-watering. It’s not as if you really need good pot to be any more moreish than it already is, but still…tasty is tasty!

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief roundup of ten of the most incredibly delicious cannabis strains doing the rounds right now which will and truly wipe the floor with most others:

In no particular order…