Any person that tells you their friends don’t have habits that annoy the living hell out of them is lying to you. Every last one of us is guilty of having the odd bad habit, which to one extent or another will never fail to seriously irritate other people. It’s just that some people tend to be considerably more irritating than others – something that is true among stoner circles as it is elsewhere.

You have to bear in mind the fact that if you cannot think of anyone in your stoner circle who is genuinely infuriating, it might be you. And if it is, you might want to think about making the necessary adjustments to your habits, sooner rather than later. Unless of course, you don’t mind the prospect of slowly but surely being nudged out of the group entirely.

So with this in mind, here is a quick rundown of the 17 most annoying habits of your stoner friends – a few of which might ring a few familiar bells personally: