Findyour perfect wake and bake strain and even the dreariest Monday morning canbecome an absolute joy. Well, maybe not a joyas such, but at least a little less painful.

Whichbegs the question – what makes the ideal strain for a perfect wake and bake?

Theanswer – the combination of fabulous flavour, just the right amount of energyand no chance of crashing out at the end of the ride. Better yet, a strain youcan hit periodically throughout the day to keep you fired-up throughout.

Sowhether it’s surviving a soul-crushing day at the office or getting to gripswith the chores you’ve been putting off for months, we’ve got the perfectrecipe for the ultimate wake and bake. Add one of the following strains to yourarsenal and you may even find yourself looking forward to Monday morning (yeahright):

1. Chocolate Thai

Findyourself a batch of ChocolateThai and you’re golden. Difficult to find butmore than worth the effort, this iconic Sativa landrace strain typically packsa THC content in the region of 15%. Not too strong, but more than powerfulenough to get your day off to the best possible start.

Burstingwith early morning glory, chocolate Thai has – unsurprisingly – a distinct noteof rich coffee and dark chocolate to its complex aroma profile.  Hence, it’s probably the best strain outthere to accompany a tasty breakfast and a cup of coffee. It’s also just theticket for cooking up a batch of breakfast edibles.

As forthe high, it delivers a beautifully balanced and controllable hit that’s gentleenough even for the uninitiated. The ride is smooth and enjoyable, akin to theeffects of a strong cup of coffee with none of the associated jitters ornervous energy. Those with an advanced THC tolerance may find Chocolate Thai alittle too gentle, but it’snonetheless an absolute winner for everyone else.

2. Green Crack

Rightat the opposite end of the scale, GreenCrack is no less than a sledgehammer ofhigh-octane energy when nothing else will suffice. Boasting predominantlySativa genetics, Green Crack tops the table with a whopping THCcontent of 25%, delivering an instantaneous upliftthat lingers indefinitely.

Despitehaving nothing in common with the narcotic it takes its name from, Green Crackreally is as moreish as it gets. One of the best social strains you’ll everexperience, Green Crack stimulates the kind of mindless yet enjoyableconversation that doesn’t dissipate before sunrise. Hence, it’s also useful themorning after to get you back on track.

Theflavour is fruity, the smoke is satisfying and the impact is immediate.  Exercise caution, however, as the potency ofGreen Crack never fails to take amateurs off-guard. After all, there’s adifference between welcome morning energy and more energy than you’ll know whatto do with.

3. Bubba Kush

Let’sface it – an instant and relentless hit of energy isn’t always what you need inthe morning. If there’s something on the horizon that’s causing you stress andanxiety, the last thing you want is mind-race and paranoia. Instead, you want agently relaxing and calming strain that will alleviate your worries, quicklyand effectively.

Preciselywhere Bubba Kush steps in as the ultimate wake and bake strain for a relaxingmorning. Boasting decadent notes of rich coffee and sweet chocolate, Bubba Kushdelivers a head-to-toe wave of relaxation that melts away even the deepest setstresses and worries.

As withits counterparts, however, you’ll want to be careful not to overdo it withBubba Kush. While the more energising strains can lead to a racing mind withoverconsumption, too much time with Bubba Kush and you’ll find it difficult toget motivated to do anything at all. Great if you can get away with calling insick, not so great if you’ve a busy day ahead!

4. Sour Diesel

A richand earthy Sativa hybrid with a THC content as high as 26%, Sour Diesel reallyisn’t screwing around. Famed for its pungent aroma and instantaneously energisingproperties, Sour Diesel is also known for getting those creative juicesflowing. An ideal strain for anyone in a more creative line of work, who maystruggle for inspiration on those dark and dreary mornings.

SourDiesel has also become a go-to for the treatment of mild depression andanxiety. Not to mention, the after-effects of a restless night and chronicfatigue.  Due to its potency, Sour Dieseldoes have a tendency to lead to bouts of nervous energy and feelings of anxietywhen taken too far.

It’stherefore best to approach Sour Diesel a little like a caffeine-loaded espresso.Great to sip and recharge with gently throughout the day, rather than consumingyour body weight of the stuff in one sitting and spending the rest of the daychewing your nails down to the bone.

5. Pineapple Express

Lastbut not least, Pineapple Express is one of the most famous and infamous strainsof all time for a good reason. That reason being – it’s one of the mostversatile and enjoyable strains ever to hit the mainstream market.

AnotherSativa-heavy hybrid, a good batch of Pineapple Express will typically pack aTHC content as high as 25%. Nevertheless, it’s also a surprisingly subtle andcontrollable smoke, which is perfect for instilling creativity, motivation andthe desire to achieve. The initial energising hit is fast-acting, yet far fromoverwhelming.  Best of all, the feelinggoes on for hours and hours.

If allthis wasn’t enough, the fabulous fruitiness of Pineapple Express only adds toits appeal. Masses of tropical fruits and fresh pineapple, making it theperfect addition to a delicious breakfast. Caution is advised for those with aparticularly low tolerance to THC, but Pineapple Express isn’t nearly asmonstrous as the figures add up to on paper.