At the risk of bumming out a fair few readers, let’s face – the bell tolls for every last one of us. Which means there are basically two ways you can approach the time between now and then. You can spend the time you have worrying about the inevitable and basically living into a pit of despair. On the other hand, you can make sure as hell that you tick every single box from top to bottom on the list of things you intend to accomplish before you pop your proverbial clogs.

Now, while it’s safe to say that the bucket list of every single person on earth will always be different, there are certain entries that almost every stoner would agree on. And in a lot of cases we’re not actually talking about the kind of stupid and OTT things the average stoner isn’t ever going to get chance to do.

So for those in need of a little inspiration and looking to spice things up while they still have the opportunity to do so, here’s a quick rundown of our 30 things every stoner should do before they die: