If you’re even a casual cannabis consumer, you’ll have probably heard the term ‘moon rocks’ doing the rounds. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you’ve a clue what they are, what they do or whether you should care.

As far as advocates are concerned, however, it’s a pretty cut and shut deal.

What Are Moon Rocks?

You need only consider the composition of moon rocks to understand exactly what you’re looking at. Moon Rocks are made by taking potent buds of high-quality weed, before dipping them in hash oil and adding a final coating of kief. The result of which is one of the most explosively powerful bud-bombs imaginable, with a THC content that often exceeds 50%.

Which is, as you’ve probably figured out, more than twice the THC of even the strongest strains out there.

Unsurprisingly, the true origins of Moon rRcks are somewhat disputed. Nevertheless, West Coast rapper Kurupt is credited with bringing Moon Rocks to the attention of the mainstream market, having released the first commercial Moon Rocks under the moniker of ‘Kurupt Moonrocks’. The commercial cannabis market have been flooded with hundreds of variations on the original formula ever since.

As you’d expect, quality and potency varies enormously from one batch of Moon Rocks. In fact, it’s not uncommon for unscrupulous sellers to use Moon Rocks to mask what would otherwise be a batch of bogus bud. Low-grade weed, diluted hash oil and bargain-basement kief not adding up to a whole lot of much.

Nevertheless, score yourself a decent batch of Moon Rocks and you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. One of the many reasons why cannabis connoisseurs worldwide often prefer to make their own.

What’s the Appeal of Moon Rocks?

The appeal of Moon Rocks is relatively simple – they’re strong. Perhaps something of an understatement, as a quality batch of Moon Rocks could add up to the strongest weed you’ve ever smoked. The high hits home like a fully loaded freight train and lingers for hours on end. What’s more, even a small Moon Rock can be loaded with such a huge amount of THC that it lasts infinitely longer than a bud of a comparable size.

Then there’s the enjoyment of experimenting with different cannabis combinations. You could take a bud from one strain, dip it in hash oil made from an entirely different strain and finish the whole thing with kief from a third strain. An enticing cannabis cocktail, the results of which you’ll only discover after setting light to it.

Three notches to the belts of these bite-sized beauties, and all the reason the world to give them a shot. Proceed with caution if you intend to buy them, or do like the experts do and make your own.

DIY Moon Rocks

As is usually the case with such things, there are thousands of different recipes and methods doing the rounds. Nevertheless, we personally believe that the easiest method is also the most effective.

In order to make your own Moon Rocks, you’re going to need a fair amount of cannabis and cannabis-based products to start with. It can therefore be a moderately costly endeavour, but the results more than augment both the effort and investment required.

You’ll need some decent quality hash oil and plenty of kief, which you can make yourself or buy from a reputable supplier. Think carefully about both the potency and the balance of the final result, considering THC to CBD ratios and so on. Once you’ve acquired the equipment you’ll need, it’s simply a case of proceeding in accordance with the following steps:

  1. Grab a choice cannabis nug that’s as sturdy and compact as possible. If it’s in any way loose or brittle, it’s going to fall apart at the worst possible time.
  2. Carefully drizzle a good dose of hash oil over the bud, ensuring you’ve something underneath it to catch any spills.
  3. While the hash oil is still hot, pick up the bud with a pair of tweezers and drop it in a small bowl with the kief in the bottom.
  4. Shake and roll it around until it is sufficiently covered.
  5. Take out the Moon Rock, repeat the process and give the hash oil plenty of time to cool and dry before getting to business.

For the sake of maintaining freshness, it’s worth making Moon Rocks in small batches as a little goes a very long way.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Chances are, you don’t need anyone else telling you how to smoke pot. Nevertheless, it’s worth approaching Moon Rocks with caution as there’s a good chance you have never experienced anything quite as potent before. If you’re inexperienced or have a low THC tolerance, you may want to exercise extreme caution to avoid taking things too far.

The actual methodology of smoking Moon Rocks is pretty similar to that of smoking traditional bud. The difference being that under no circumstances should you ever, EVER use a grinder to break up your Moon Rocks. Doing so will simply result in a sticky mess you won’t know what to do with. Instead, use your fingers to break small quantities off the nug as you need it, keeping the rest intact for later.

A bong will certainly do the business, but could amount to overkill. Instead, think about trying Moon Rocks for the first time using a simple pipe or vape pen. Start out slow and step things up as required.

Once again, the final result will vary significantly, in accordance with the quality and potency of the ingredients used. What’s more, you may find that one chunk of your Moon Rock is exponentially stronger or weaker than the next, depending on how meticulous you were with the manufacturing process.

There’s a very gentle learning curve to be traversed, but one that brings rewards in spades. Long story short therefore – if you’re still to give Moon Rocks a shot, make it a priority on your list of resolutions for 2019.