If you’ve heard of ‘shake’ weed, there’s a chance you have heard nothing particularly good about it. One of the most underrated and underappreciated forms of pot out there, it’s always a shame to hear of decent shake going to waste.

But what exactly is shake weed? Or more importantly, is it really worth bothering with?

What Is Shake Weed?

Carry out a quick online search and you’ll see just how split the cannabis community is when it comes to shake cannabis. On one side of the fence, you have those who claim shake weed is an invaluable product that’s worthy of acclaim and appreciation. On the other, some insist that shake weed simply isn’t worth anyone’s time and is therefore no cause for concern.

In terms of what it actually is, shake weed is an inevitable cannabis by-product every one of us has in our stash. Quite simply, shake cannabis is formed when all the various bits and pieces of plant matter fall and collect at the bottom of the container. Shake weed is therefore that dusty and often grim-looking substance you see in the bottom of your baggie or jar.

There’s no realistic way to prevent this shake cannabis from accumulating. As cannabis flowers are handled, transported, packaged and so on, all manner of bits and pieces are guaranteed to fall off and collect in the bottom of the bag.  Nevertheless, shake weed gets a bad rap for the simple reason that it comprises a manner of different pieces of plant matter. Some of which hold more or less value than others.

Nevertheless, shake weed almost always contains a decent amount of plant matter and trichomes from the best parts of the buds. Which in turn means that decent shape cannabis can also pack a serious amount of THC. So if you’ve ever come across reports suggesting shape cannabis can’t get you high, you’re looking at complete and total BS.

Not only can shake cannabis get you high, it can also be immensely potent. So why, in the name of all that’s sane, would anyone toss shake cannabis in the trash? Or for that matter, try to claim this precious dust is of little to no value?

Giving Shake a Shot

If you’d like to give shake a shot, it isn’t exactly difficult to get hold of. If you buy cannabis in the usual baggies, you’ll almost always find at least a bit in the bottom at the time of purchase. By the time you’ve exhausted your supply, a decent amount of the stuff will have accumulated along the way.

As for dispensaries, they’re usually more inclined to remove as much shake as possible from the baggies and containers on display. Rather than throwing it away, you may find measures of mixed shake cannabis available as a standalone product. Excellent waste minimisation by the seller – the perfect opportunity to pick up a potent batch of product at a discounted rate.

So if you’re looking to spend as little as possible and still take home a decent amount of weed, it’s definitely worth giving shake a shot.

Now, it’s worth remembering that when buying shake from a dealer or dispensary, there’s really no way of gauging what’s in it. One batch could be seriously potent and packed with THC, while the next can be comprised mostly of less-valuable plant matter. It’s therefore a case of rolling the dice and seeing what you get, but it’s a small price to pay.

Plus, if you shop with a decent dispensary, you can also ask them directly for their recommendations. Score a solid batch of shake weed and you’ll be looking at the kind of value for money you’d get from almost no other cannabis product available.

Making Use of Shake Cannabis

It’s often said that the best way to put shake cannabis to good use is to wait until you’ve got a good stockpile of the stuff to play with. In reality, this really isn’t the case at all. Given the tiny size of the various pieces shake cannabis is comprised of, it loses its freshness and potency far quicker than regular bud.  Hence, it’s a good idea to use it as quickly as possible.

Perhaps the simplest way to put shake cannabis to good use is to simply add it to your regular joints, pipes and bongs. Pack it out with the bud of your choosing, before adding a generous sprinkle of shake to give it an extra kick. If the shake is of decent quality, it could take the potency of the whole thing to an entirely higher level.

Depending on the consistency of the shake, it may also be possible to roll joints using shake and nothing else. Once again, with the potential to pack a punch that goes beyond expectations.

Alternatively, shake is a favourite among economical cannabis connoisseurs for the production of cannabis butter, cannabis oils and other edibles. Rather than letting it go to waste, they stew their shake in the liquid of their choosing for a couple of hours, before straining the resulting mixture and allowing it to cool.  A brilliant way of extracting every last shred of THC from your shake and allowing nothing to go to waste.

Is it Worth the Effort?

In a word – absolutely. Throwing shake cannabis in the trash needlessly and shamelessly wastes THC for no good reason. Even if you only have a tiny pinch of the stuff available, it’s still a pinch of potentially potent pot you might as well put to good use.

Of course, shake that’s excessively dry, old or comprised of less valuable plant matter doesn’t add up to a particularly enjoyable smoke. Nevertheless, there’s only one way to find out – the alternative being to run the risk of wasting good bud.