Slowly but surely, CBD is stepping out of ‘fad’ territory and becoming something of a mainstream staple. Even those once reluctant (or even sceptical) are finding themselves tempted to try the CBD products being sold in record volumes worldwide.

The problem being that as the market grows, so too does the challenge of choosing the perfect CBD vape juice. Shopping online or in person for CBD juice and CBD vape carts is a breeze – making sense of the thousands of options available is anything but.

The Benefits of Vaping CBD 

Of the various consumption methods available, vaporisation is gradually becoming the preferred method of getting CBD into your system. Not that this is surprising, when you consider the potential benefits of vaping high-quality CBD products:

  • Vaping is a fast, effective and efficient delivery system
  • It’s also a discreet and perfectly portable consumption method
  • Vaping is considered way healthier than smoking
  • The ceremony and satisfaction of vaping is undeniable
  • Broad and easy access to quality CBD products

If you’re yet to get on board with the CBD vaping movement, you’re denying yourself something pretty special.

Choosing the Highest-Quality CBD Vapes

As for ensuring you exclusively pick up the highest-quality CBD vapes available, it’s simply a case of performing a few basic quality and safety checks.  The most important of which being as follows:

  1. Brand Pedigree

Right off the bat, the quickest and easiest way to verify the quality of any CBD vape is to do business with a trusted and reputable supplier. There are some brands and businesses that stand head and shoulders above most – two examples of which being HealthworxCBD and VapeNTerps. Stick with household names like these and you effectively eliminate all guesswork and risk from the equation.

  1. Product Clarity

When inspecting a CBD vape juice in person, one important thing to pay attention to is the clarity (or otherwise) of the liquid itself. Though there are very rare exceptions to the rule, the purest CBD juice of the highest quality is almost always clear. In instances where CBD has a cloudy or murky appearance, this usually indicates the addition of additives that may detract from the quality or safety of the product as a whole.

  1. Potency

Beware misleading labelling where potency is concerned, as what’s printed on the label may not be quite as it seems. For example, the CBD juice container may say ‘250mg’ on the label, but this doesn’t actually mean that this 250mg actually refers to CBD. Potency and purity levels vary enormously from one product to the next, so it’s important to check its composition in detail – not simply base your purchase decisions on potentially misleading labels.

  1. THC Content

Personal preference plays a role here, as you may or may not want a CBD product that contains a noteworthy quantity of THC. For obvious reasons, attempting to buy a CBD vape with an elevated THC content anywhere cannabis is illegal is a bad idea. At the same time, if you’re vaping with the intention of getting high, picking up something with 0% THC (or thereabouts) isn’t going to have the desired effect. It’s entirely up to you to decide where your priorities lie, but keeping a close eye on THC is something you should be doing.

  1. Laboratory Testing

As things stand, there’s no formal or legal requirement for CBD product manufacturers to put their vape juices through any kind of strict laboratory testing. It’s all technically optional for the time being, which is why low-end companies producing equally low-grade products don’t bother. Or if they do, their testing processes aren’t what you’d call comprehensive or convincing.  Right at the top of the table, you have those who insist on hiring reputable third parties to put their products through their paces in laboratory conditions. If the CBD vape you’re looking at has been extensively laboratory tested, it’s probably a safe bet.

  1. Extraction Method

There are two primary CBD extraction methods used by the vast majority of product manufacturers. One of which being butane extraction, the other being CO2 extraction. The benefit of butane extraction is that it is both comparatively cheap and exceptionally effective. However, CO2 extraction is considered the safer option of the two, resulting in a purer final product. Once again, the CBD extraction method preferred by the manufacturer in question says a great deal about their commitment to product quality and safety.

  1. Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Of course, you could also simply rely on the reviews and recommendations of your fellow customer. Verified reviews from those with no reason to sugar-coat the truth can be invaluable, when making purchases like these. Most reputable retailers now publish product reviews directly on their websites, without doctoring or editing out the less favourable examples. If a CBD vape has earned the approval and recommendation of hundreds of real-life customers, it’s most likely the real deal.

  1. Product Prices

Last up, pricing should never be the primary factor that determines which CBD products you buy. Cutting corners on quality to save money really isn’t the way to go, when you consider the method by which you’ll be consuming whatever it is in the container. For this reason, it is essential to be sceptical about any so-called ‘high quality’ CBD vape juice that’s on sale at a suspiciously low price. If it’s been extracted responsibly, manufactured meticulously and put through plenty of tests to ensure its quality and safety, it’s not going to be given away for pennies.

In Summary…

Assuming you’re interested in CBD for its therapeutic properties, the purchase process should be approached in the same way as with any other health or wellbeing product. It’s predominantly a case of basic common sense, conducting as many checks as necessary to ensure it’s a safe buy.

Though again, you can remove pretty much all legwork and guesswork from the equation by sticking with a reputable brand you can trust.