Freedom of choice is never a bad thing, though in some cases it can make it difficult to know where to start. The market for CBD products being a prime example, which has exploded in terms of both size and complexity. CBD is the product of the moment, and available as everything from hight-strength CBD oils right through to specialist CBD skin treatments

Accessibility and affordability are also growing at record pace, with established brands like Canzon now selling complete catalogues of super-premium CBD products online. But this is precisely where the issue with the industry lies, as not all CBD products on sale are of the same high-quality standard.

In fact, quality varies so significantly that many low-grade CBD products on sale right now have no practical value whatsoever.

Why Does Quality Matter When Choosing CBD Products?

You’re shopping online for a simple CBD balm for everyday use, at which point you encounter (literally) thousands of different products from competing brands.  All of which claim to be the real deal, but nonetheless have different lists of ingredients and retail for very different prices.

At which point, you ask yourself the obvious question – why does quality matter?

Primarily, it comes down to the fact that CBD oil (and many CBD products by extension) are not yet required to undergo rigorous quality and safety tests by way of formal regulation. Manufacturers are pretty much free to produce whatever CBD oils and products they like, without consumer watchdogs getting involved.

Hence, it’s ultimately down to the buyer to ensure the CBD products they buy are not just effective, but also 100% safe to use.

How Can You Identify a Quality CBD Product?

By way of appearance, fragrance and in some instances flavour, it’s practically impossible to differentiate between quality CBD products and their low-grade counterparts. Instead, it’s a case of carefully considering what goes into the product in question, along with steps taken by the manufacturer to ensure quality and safety.

These are the kinds of things you should be looking out for when shopping for safe and effective CBP products you can count on:

Third-Party Testing

Arguably the most important quality check of all, always look for evidence of third-party testing. This is because CBD products that are 3rd-party lab tested have not only been evaluated by the manufacturer, but also a fully-independent third party in controlled laboratory conditions. Assuming the product has been third-party tested and approved by a completely objective expert outsider, you can probably count on it to get the job done and do so safely.

Superior Sources of CBD

Like all extracts, the quality of CBD oil (and or subsequent products produced) will be determined almost entirely by its original source. In this instance, the plants grown, harvested and processed to create the CBD extract. Cannabis and hemp plants have their own unique characteristics and need very specific conditions to produce a plentiful output of quality CBD. Under no circumstances should toxic chemicals and pesticides be used in the cultivation of plants for CBD extraction – nor should anything synthetic find its way into the mix.

Careful Extraction Processes

It’s a proven fact that some CBD extraction methods are safer than others. As is the case with most things, the safest and most responsible ways of extracting CBD are also the most complex and time consuming. Precisely why the vast majority of low-grade extracts and products are produced by way of questionable extraction methods – some of which involve the use of toxic solvents. The manufacturer’s preferred extraction method will therefore have a major impact on the quality of the final product.

Packaging and Preservation

The beneficial cannabinoids in CBD are extremely fragile and sensitive to a wide variety of factors. Examples of which include exposure to sunlight, humidity, temperature changes and so on. This is why it is important to ensure CBD products are appropriately packaged for their protection and preservation.  Particularly with CBD products that are designed to be used gradually over a period of time, quality packaging can make a real difference.

Reputation and Pedigree

It’s also worth taking into account the reputation of the vendor in general, by consulting customer reviews, recommendations, feedback and so on. Shop exclusively with those known to provide excellent customer support, along with all the helpful advice and information needed to find your perfect CBD product. If the vendor doesn’t have a particularly reassuring reputation, take your business elsewhere.

Hemp Seed Oil Vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil

One final note, it is essential to check whether the product for sale contains hemp seed oil or full-spectrum CBD oil. The reason being that while both extracts can be found in identical-looking products for a wide variety of purposes, they are in fact completely different.

As the name suggests, hemp seed oil is produced by way of an extraction process that exclusively uses the seeds of the hemp plant. The result of which is an extremely beneficial and sought-after commodity, though one that’s quite different to full-spectrum CBD oil.

This is because full-spectrum CBD oil is produced by extracting CBD from all parts of the cannabis plant – not just the seeds. By effectively ‘juicing’ essential oils and cannabinoids from every part of the plant, full-spectrum CBD oil extraction results in a product with exponentially more beneficial compounds. It’s when these compounds and cannabinoids are used together that the ‘synergy effect’ occurs, resulting in a far more effective and therapeutic product of superior quality.

If Unsure, Ask Before Buying

By carefully examining the information on the product’s packaging, you should have a good idea what you’re looking at before buying. If not, be sure to ask the vendor for clarification.

Once again, buying quality CBD products isn’t exclusively about enhanced effectiveness and improved therapeutic properties. It’s also about the safety of the products in question, which can only be guaranteed with CBD products of the highest quality standard.