11 April at 10:11

The Sorry State of Cannabis Research, Summed Up in Four Pictures

When the subject of cannabis comes up, you probably conjure the same mental picture as the rest of as. You think of those gorgeous, glistening nugs of the most spectacular size and density, far too sticky to break up by hand and with the most wonderful tapestry of colours. When anybody mentions medical cannabis, you [...]

20 March at 10:30

Growing Cannabis at Home, What’s the Easiest Way to Get Started?

When some people set up to grow cannabis at home, they’ll do anything to produce generous yields. In other instances, it’s all about the quality and potency of the final product. And then there are those that set out to engineer any number of weird and wonderful cannabis strains all of their own, in order [...]

24 February at 10:53

How to Grow Cannabis in Maine, Without Getting in Trouble

Let's take a closer look at one of the states that has recently legalized recreational cannabis, though Maine tends to take a back seat in the press to the likes of California and Massachusetts. Millions of people all over Maine recently woke up to a new era when not only is recreational cannabis now legal, but [...]

23 February at 10:30

The Simple Secrets to Growing Bigger, Better Buds

One question the vast majority of cannabis growers ask at some point or other is – what can I do to grow bigger, better buds? All growers have to start out somewhere and coming out with some seriously impressive results the first time just isn’t a realistic expectation. When you first start you may find yourself [...]

17 February at 10:20

Five Things Every Home Grower Wishes They’d Known First

Let’s just get one thing straight – the purpose of this article is not to put you off the idea of growing cannabis at home. Or at least, assuming you are lucky enough to live in an area where it is legal to do so. For tens of millions of people all across the United [...]

10 February at 2:35

Cannabis Cultivation: Why It’s Worth Giving Hydroponics a Shot

Over recent years, hydroponic cultivation has ceased being an unusual niche and has evolved into a cannabis cultivation frontrunner. Which for the most part comes down to the fact that getting hold of the most outstanding hydroponics hardware and associated accessories has never been easier or more affordable. Growing in soil with a few pots [...]

27 January at 10:52

Cannabis Clones – Superior to Seeds?

The only thing more satisfying than getting hold of a batch of epic bud and putting it to use is growing your own product from scratch. Even if you come out with relatively modest results, the fact that you have put your heart and soul into the effort from start to finish will leave you [...]

18 January at 11:26

Cannabis Anatomy – What’s in A Bud from Cola to Trichomes?

Cannabis Anatomy- Know the difference between a Cola and a Calyx You think you know cannabis well enough but what about cannabis anatomy? At least, you know you live the stuff and have got a pretty good handle on how to identify a quality batch. You might have even mastered the art of growing the [...]

17 January at 12:20

The Marijuana Fertilizers Market Place

The Marijuana Fertilizers Market Place Marijuana fertilizers marketing is exploding. So much product to look at. So many freaking questions go unanswered. What do I choose to fertilize my weed plants with? Should I even use manufactured fertilizers? How much is this going to cost? Why on God's green earth do I have to mix [...]

10 January at 10:46

Five Cannabis Strains For First-Time Growers

What are the best cannabis strains for first-time growers? You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that all cannabis strains are by no means the same. This includes the way they grow, which is precisely why it is extremely important to be mindful of which strains you start out with. Gaining experience in home [...]

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