First up comes the most critically important point that we and probably everyone else across the board bangs on about all the time. When it comes to cultivating cannabis of any kind and for any purpose, there is absolutely nothing more important than starting out with the best possible genetics. The quality of the seeds or cuttings you work with will influence absolutely everything that happens throughout the cultivation process across the board. Just as the highest-quality genetics make it possible for you to produce outstanding results, poor-quality genetics guarantee poor-quality outcomes.

No matter how much time, effort and money you invest in the process, there is nothing you can do to turn substandard genetics around. Once you get started with low-grade seeds, you’re fighting a losing battle from day one. As such, there is absolutely nothing to gain by attempting to save a few bucks here and there on cheaper seeds from low-grade seed banks. You need to bear in mind that while the best seeds on the market may cost more, they are really the only seeds worth buying. So before you even think about the specifics of the cultivation process, arm yourself with the highest-quality seeds or don’t bother growing in the first place.