There’s nothing quite like watching the rest of the world make incredible progress when it comes to cannabis policy, while your own country lags behind in the dark ages. And of course, this is meant in an entirely negative sense. Say for example you live in the United Kingdom – pretty much every story regarding the fun and games over in Colorado comes as nothing less than a slap in the face. Arguments for legalization grow, evidence of the undeniable benefits of cannabis stacks up and yet in your own country, nope…nobody seems willing to shift.

At least, not those who make the decisions we are forced to live by, anyway.

Still, the one good thing to come out of all this is the way in which the forward thinking and proactive actions of other nations are at least generating debate and discussion on a global basis. After all, with so many millions of people now legally enjoying cannabis and accessing it for medicinal purposes, it’s not the kind of subject that can be swept under the rug any longer. Jealous we may be, but we also have to give these people props for setting the right example and leading the charge.

And it’s not just in Colorado and Washington State that things are happening either. In fact, there are plenty of countries on a global basis that are making enormous leaps and bounds when it comes to cannabis policy. So if you’re listening, lawmakers, why not take a leaf or two (no pun intended) from the books of the following nations: