Police Commissioner Calls For UK Legalization

Crime commissioner Arfon Jones

Crime commissioner Arfon Jones

There’s been a rather depressing turn of events in the United Kingdom, with regard to the classification of cannabis and the likelihood of it ever being decriminalised. As time goes on, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the UK is falling dangerously behind the rest of the world when it comes to cannabis policy. Well, maybe not the entire world perhaps, but when you take a look at what’s going on in the United States right now, it paints a sorry picture of British progress. And each time you get the impression things are heading the right way, they take a huge step backward.

Just a week or so ago, one of the most prominent police officers in the whole of the United Kingdom stated that in his opinion, the time for legalization had come. According to the police boss in North Wales, medical marijuana needs to be given the green light for the greater good of the nation. As far as crime commissioner Arfon Jones is concerned, the fact that marijuana continues to be controlled as a Class B drug no longer makes any sense. He spoke of the “considerable benefit” medical cannabis can bring individuals with a variety of chronic and life-affecting conditions – mirroring attitudes in many other nations where medical pot has been in use for years.

Letters To MPs

In order to make his stance abundantly clear, he penned a letter to politicians across his locality in an attempt to drum up support. Which he received from some recipients, though others…painfully predictably…lashed out at him for even suggesting such a thing. Indeed, some stated that they were “disappointed” by the actions and behaviour of Jones, once again going completely and utterly over the top with their questionable counter-claims.

“(Mr Jones) knows first-hand the damaging effects drugs is having on our communities, so it was with some surprise and disappointment that I received his letter,”

“Cannabis, whether used for medicinal or recreational purposes, is a dangerous substance and would have catastrophic consequences to health and society if it was ever legalised,”

“The commissioner’s calls are as reckless as they are misguided.”

Overlooking the Obvious

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis damaging communities?

Now, what this particular individual fails to acknowledge even slightly in his heated response is the way in which Jones is only talking about the possibility of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes. He doesn’t at all mention the prospect of releasing recreational cannabis into the public domain – he simply wants to see those in need provided with what they need.

In addition, the fact that he has the nerve to say that cannabis is a “dangerous” substance that breeds “catastrophic” consequences even when used for medicinal purposes…well, it clearly illustrates how little he actually knows about the subject. Right now, there are millions of people all over the world who have found their quality of life improved massively by medical marijuana. Where other treatments and conventional drugs fail, trigger nasty side effects or are simply dangerous to use, medical cannabis often brings unparalleled relief.

But no. As far as the individual is concerned, every single one of these people is lying. Delusional. Cannabis is not helping them. It is making them worse. Because he is, after all a drug expert, right? Or a doctor? Or a researcher? Nope, nope and nope.

Prohibition Creates Black Markets

Then of course there’s the way in which he talks about drugs having a devastating effect on communities. Now, this to a certain extent you could say is true, but when you think about it, the reasons are obvious. When a community contains a high number of cannabis users – medicinal or recreational – they’re going to do whatever it takes to get it. They’re willing to pay and some are willing to grow. Which breeds an illegal black market. Drug dealers on the street, dangerous dealings and a pretty massive burden on both local police forces and the community in general.

So…what’s the solution? It’s not exactly rocket science – you take the power out of the hands of criminal contingencies by decriminalising cannabis. Or better yet, making it available via official, regulated channels so that people don’t have to buy it from dodgy dealers. Indeed, cannabis legalization has the potential to have an incredibly positive effect on local communities, which is happening right now in vast swathes of the United States.

USA Cannabis Policy Leads The Way

USA leads the way on Cannabis policy reform

USA leads the way on Cannabis policy reform

The examples currently being set by Washington, Alaska and Colorado are doing a fantastic job demonstrating to the world what happens when you green-light medical pot. And the answer is, nothing but good things. Meanwhile, a full 25 North American States now permit medical cannabis. So, does this mean that HALF of the entire USA is in a state of devastating catastrophe? Not even a bit. At least, not in terms of cannabis use and distribution, anyway.

It’s the fact that people who don’t know what they’re talking about feel they have the right to say that medical cannabis is dangerous and of no specific benefit. In fact, it’s insulting to millions. For those who bother to base their opinions on facts and science, the truth of the matter is pretty clear.

For example, it’s known that there are at least 30,000 people across the UK with chronic pain conditions, who could be brought massive and safe relief with medical cannabis. Likewise, recent studies in animals have shown that cannabis may prove effecting in both limiting the growth of and actually killing cancer cells. It is known to reverse at least some of the carcinogenic damage inflicted on the lungs by tobacco smoke, it has proved effective as an alternative to dangerous pain killers and opiates and has even been used in the treatment of severe drug addiction.

Latest Research Into Medical Cannabis

Moving on, a study carried out in 2012 found that cannabis can be helpful in the treatment of schizophrenia. Medical cannabis is becoming a go-to for doctors all around the world for treating depression. And as for chemotherapy, there’s very little out there that can help quell the side effects of a common cancer treatment than medical marijuana. Not forgetting the fact that doctors universally agree that cannabis is exponentially less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol.

But no. It has no medicinal value and leads to catastrophic consequences for communities. Which must be true, given that some random MP stated so…right?

Wrong…and the longer people like this keep holding things back, the worse-off the UK public as a whole will be.

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