Strain Review Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush Cannabis bud

From exactly the same neck of the woods as 8 Ball Kush, Afghan Kush is kind of strain any self-respecting dispensary should supply with a potency warning. Or should that be, more of a potency promise – this stuff kicks hard, fast and long. It’s native to an area of Afghanistan in the region of the Amu Darya River, where generations of farmers’ efforts have brought about some of the world’s most epic cannabis strains.

Smoking Afghan Kush

In this case, Afghan Kush seems to be all about potency – decades of intensive efforts invested in the cause. Its aroma is gorgeously sweet and spicy, with a slight note of incense in there for good measure. All these aromas combine to deliver a seriously intoxicating taste experience, though with a much spicier initial hit.

Inexperienced smokers and those who prefer a milder high might want to approach Afghan Kush rather carefully to say the least. Used widely across medical circles in the treatment of chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety, it delivers a heavy punch that’s immediately sedating and narcotic at the same time. If you’re out for a heavy hitter, you won’t be disappointed.

Growing Afghan Kush

Grow your own and you’ll be looking at plants of a medium size, boasting ultra-sticky buds with quite enchanting brown and orange hairs. In terms of bang for buck, the fact that you might end up with a THC content over 21% really says all that needs to be said. And if that wasn’t enough, Afghan Kush also happens to grow like wildfire and is very difficult to go wrong with…unless you really screw things up!

Flowering time comes in at about eight weeks, its resistance to disease and pests is impressive, it fares better than most when grown outdoors in slightly cooler regions and delivers to the tune of about 600g per plant. So there’s really very little wonder why Afghan Kush tends to be a firm favourite among growers at all levels – it’s the kind of strain that always gives way, way more than it takes.

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