What can you say about Blueberry that hasn’t already been said? This iconic, God-like strain has been on the scene since the 1970s, when a team of maniacs from Holland first unleashed their masterpiece. It has picked up countless Cannabis Cup awards over the years and has shared its genetics with dozens of world-class cannabis strains. Quite simply, Blueberry is the s**t.

Smoking Blueberry

You only need to hit the stuff once to understand where its name comes from. There’s a massive and unmistakable wallop of fruity-berry flavours, while the fragrance adds a heavy, earthy skunk tone to its profile. As a strain that combines 20% Sativa with 80% Indica, the high is one of fast-acting and intense euphoria, which often doesn’t quit for three to four hours. The best was to describe the hit would probably be total mood-stabilization. It won’t make you hyper and nor will it knock you out – expect a sense of total contentment from start to finish.

Medicinal Use

In medicinal cannabis circles, Blueberry is something of a go-to for the treatment of nausea, stress and muscle pains. On a slight downside…very slight…Blueberry has a renowned and well-deserved reputation for bringing on bouts of huge cotton-mouth. So for maximum enjoyment, keep something to drink close by.

Growing Blueberry

Growing Blueberry

Growing Blueberry

Home growers can expect plants of a relatively modest height, rarely reaching more than 100cm. They’re pretty bushy in nature and tend to expand horizontally a fair bit, producing dense and heavy buds that are thick with bright white crystals. The primarily red hues of Blueberry plants slowly give way to purples as it grows, while THC concentrations of about 20% are the norm. And of course, the fact that Blueberry plants are nothing short of works of art to look at represents another huge selling-point for anyone looking to grow their own.

Blueberry ranks somewhere around the middle when it comes to growth difficulty – it’s not a difficult strain to grow, but also isn’t the easiest. It’s definitely one to be grown indoors rather than outside, unless you live somewhere with guaranteed sublime and predictable warm weather. Flowering times come in at around the nine-week mark and it’s good for soil or hydro growing. Play your cards right and you could be harvesting around half a kilo from every square metre of grow space.

Blueberry is a strain that rewards skill and perseverance with one of the world’s most iconic and delicious strains.

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