Dreamberry cannabis strain review

Delivering a delightful dose of everything you’d expect from an epic strain, Indica-dominant Dreamberry Automatic combines a sharp mental pick-me-up with the mellow tranquillity of a premium Indica. It was concocted by bringing together the genetics of Blackberry and Blue Dream – two outstanding strains in their own right for deep rest and relaxation.

Medical Uses

We don’t take the ‘best of both worlds’ claim lightly…and neither should you. With Dreamberry Automatic though, that’s exactly what you get. It’s known in medical marijuana circles as a supremely effective combatant for depression, anxiety and muscle/joint pains. If you’re more about recreational use, it’s all about deep relaxation and settling in for one of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Warm, cosy, mellow and uplifting – simply epic on every level.

Tasting Dreamberry

As for the taste, it certainly lives up to its name. There’s a certain creaminess to the flavour, with almost butter notes that are underpinned by sweet and spicy berry notes. It’s a bit like taking a decadent dessert and banging in a bong…or vape pen…or joint. THC comes in at around the 14% to 17% mark, so it’s not the kind of strain to blow your head off, either.

Growing Dreamberry

For the grower, Dreamberry Automatic produces plants of a fairly modest size, though there’s very little modesty about the way this stuff pays off. In an indoor grow setting, these little guys that don’t look like they’ll be delivering a heavy load can leave you with up to 400g for every square metre. Outdoors, you’ll need to think carefully about the climate where you live as it does tend to struggle when the weather’s on the cool side. Flowering times hover around the 10-week mark and Dreamberry Automatic is fairly robust when it comes to warding off mould, disease and so on.

Long story short, better for an indoor setup – unless you live somewhere nice and hot.

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