Incredible Bulk Cannabis Strain review

Incredible Bulk

If you’re the kind of grower for whom nothing matters more than heavy yields, you’re certainly not on your own. The key being to track down a strain that delivers the goods in terms of both quality and yields in equal measure. Does Incredible Bulk tick the right boxes? In a word, yes…yes it does.

Tasting Incredible Bulk 

It brings together the gorgeous flavour of Green Spirit with the strength of Super Skunk, topped off with the kinds of yield you’d expect from Big Bud. This unholy trio leads to an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a heavy skunk flavour, though with a note of sweetness with an almost menthol note to it. On the whole, a refreshing and satisfying flavour profile.


Despite being Indica-dominant, it has a pretty high whack of THC to deliver – something you’ll note the second you hit it. Negative thoughts and daily stresses go out the window, while energy levels and general motivation take a huge and instant leap. After this, things gradually transition in the direction of gorgeously relaxing stone that spreads through the whole body. In medicinal circles, Incredible Bulk has earned a solid reputation as an effective and lasting pain-relief strain.

Growing Incredible Bulk and Yield

One of the best things about Incredible Bulk is the fact that even if you’re new to growing and don’t have ideal growing conditions, it will still do you proud. Along with delivering awesome yields, it is one of the most reliable strains on the face of the Earth. Literally – it’s practically bulletproof when it comes to the kinds of problems and conditions that would wreck other strains. You really only need to provide it with the basics and it will reward you with great things after about eight weeks or so.

That being said, the better you look after it, the better the results. So while you can be lazy and get away with it, you’ll be glad you put the effort in come harvest time.

Have you tried Incredible Bulk? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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