13 December at 12:32

Dreamberry Automatic – An Epic Indica Strain

Delivering a delightful dose of everything you’d expect from an epic strain, Indica-dominant Dreamberry Automatic combines a sharp mental pick-me-up with the mellow tranquility of a premium Indica. It was concocted by bringing together the genetics of Blackberry and Blue Dream – two outstanding strains in their own right for deep rest and relaxation. Medical [...]

6 December at 11:30

Blueberry – Indica Strain

What can you say about a Blueberry strain that hasn’t already been said? This iconic, God-like strain has been on the scene since the 1970s, when a team of maniacs from Holland first unleashed their masterpiece. It has picked up countless Cannabis Cup awards over the years and has shared its genetics with dozens of [...]

25 November at 5:08

Cataract Kush- a Medical Hybrid Strain

Why such a bizarre name? it’s easy really – a few hits of Cataract Kush and you’ll be left feeling like your own eyes aren’t working properly. It’ll wear off soon enough of course so there’s no need to panic – it’s actually a pretty enjoyable experience. Cataract Kush Effects With Cataract Kush, it’s all [...]

23 November at 12:08

White Rhino – Indica Strain hitting 25% THC

Bringing together some of the very best attributes you’d expect from quality Afghani, Brazilian and Indian cannabis strains, White Rhino delivers the total package. Having scooped up the silver medal in the Bio category at the Cannabis Cup in 1996, its global fame was pretty much assured almost two decades ago. Today, it remains renowned [...]

22 November at 11:30

The Maple Leaf Strain

With this particular strain, its name doesn’t really warrant detailed explanation. Maple Leaf Indica is characterised by leaves that look, unsurprisingly, a lot like maple leaves. Which is has to be said couldn’t be more appropriate, given the way in which it’s a prime example of the kinds of super-stellar strains that have been emerging [...]

21 November at 12:43

Kryptonite Strain A Super Indica Kush

Superman might not be too happy with a pocket full of Kryptonite, but chances are you will. If you’re out for the quintessential Kush experience with the very best Indica genetics have to offer, you won’t go wrong with Kryptonite. It was engineered by crossing OG Kush with another Kush strain that remains a closely-guarded [...]

16 November at 11:19

Atomic Strain Review

A strain that should be handled with the same kind of care with which you’d approach any explosive. An Indica-dominant hybrid with looks to kill and a mind-blowing hit, Atomic is the product of a three-way genetic experiment carried out by true madmen. Bringing together the very best of THC Bomb, heavy Kush and the [...]

15 November at 11:42

Lemon Diesel Strain Review

Every now and again, you’ll find yourself coming across a cannabis strain with the kind of name that really doesn’t do it justice. In the case of Lemon Diesel, you’d obviously be expecting something a little special. Having been developed by combining the all-time classics of California Sour and Lost Coast OG, it would be pretty [...]

26 October at 10:29

True OG, An Ocean Grown Kush

You’d have to bring something pretty epic to the table to get away with a name like this, rather than being slated as a wannabe. In the case of True OG, the latter just doesn’t come into the equation – epic is the only word to describe it. Once again, it’s never been made entirely [...]

20 October at 10:47

White Lightning Better Than White Widow?

Would it be fair to say that White Lightning is better than White Widow? Superior to one of the world’s most legendary strains? Well, you’d probably p**s off a few folks saying so, but given the fact that it’s smoother, more crystalline and delivers a way better yield than its counterpart…well, just saying! This hybrid takes [...]

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