Super Lemon Diesel Cannabis Bud

A perfect Super Lemon Diesel bud

Super Lemon Diesel Strain Review

Every now and again, you’ll find yourself coming across a cannabis strain with the kind of name that really doesn’t do it justice. In the case of Super Lemon Diesel, you’d obviously be expecting something a little special. Having been developed by combining the all-time classics of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, it would be pretty much impossible for the result not to be epic…right?

Correct, but it’s not until you get hold of a quality batch (or grow your own) that you get a feel for how amazing this stuff really is. If you’re into that gorgeous fuel taste that’s characteristic of the diesel family, it’s right there in spades. Only this time, it’s spiked with an unmistakable citrus overtone – fresh, sweet and delightfully refreshing. Bring the two together and you have yourself something that’s more than just a little bit special.

Effects of Super Lemon Diesel

In terms of effects, you could probably argue that Super Lemon Diesel represents an epic medical strain for something we all suffer from occasionally. Quite simply, if you’re looking for something to calm you down and chill out with after a hard day of doing whatever, this has you covered. The experience begins with that quintessentially Sativa buzz, which energises and uplifts without blowing you into the middle of next week. Soon enough, you also get a wonderful sense of head-to-toe relaxation from its Indica genetics. Great for aiding sleep, perfect as a pick-me-up during the day.

Calling it the best of all worlds might be cliché, but it’s also pretty damn accurate!

Growing Super Lemon Diesel

Super Lemon Diesel strain in flower

Super Lemon Diesel in flower

If you’re out to grow your own, you’ll need to put in a fair bit of legwork, but Super Lemon Diesel is definitely beginner-friendly. It’s going to need a grow area that’s pretty tall to say the least as it can quickly shoot up toward the end of the plant’s growth cycle. If you’ve any prior gardening experience you should be fine, though outright first-timers will need to have their wits about them to pull it off with these girls.

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