Urban Poison Strain Review

Urban Poison Cannabis Strain

Put simply, you won’t find a self-respecting stoner on Earth that hasn’t tried and loved Urban Poison. It’s in a league of its own – but considering the fact that it’s the product of crossing Northern Lights with Durban poison, what else would you expect? After being introduced in the late 80s, this awesome hybrid would go on to scoop up an impressive six High Times Cannabis Cup titles – including the top prize in 1993.

Catching the aroma of Urban Poison is like taking a blissful stroll through a dewy alpine forest. With undertones of sweet berries, fresh herbs and a note of cedar, it’s a feast of nature’s finest for the senses. Appropriately, the high Urban Poison delivers is perfectly suited to anything involving the great outdoors. You’ll want to get up, get active and probably get out of the house. It’s also ideal for socialising and partying – couchlock being well and truly out of the question.

For stress relief and appetite stimulation, it’s about as good as it gets.

Growing Urban Poison

Set your sights on an outdoor growing efforts (tricky) and you might end up with plants a full three metres in height. Slightly spindly looking with a lush green colour from top to bottom, buds manifest with a dense core and a much lighter, fluffier outer. If you get it right, THC levels can knock on the door of 25%.

Given the fact that Mediterranean summers are the bear minimum you’ll need to get it right outdoors, Urban Poison is better brought inside. Flowering times come in at around the 11-week mark and plant height tops off around 1.5 metres indoors. They also take quite a lot of trimming and watching over in general, but the 500g yield from each square metre makes it all a worthwhile investment.

Uplifting and lively it may be, but novice smokers are advised to approach Urban Poison with due care and attention. It has the potential to be mind-blowingly strong and if taken for granted, it can lift you up and summarily knock you straight off your feet.

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