29 November at 10:36

Your Complete Guide to Sativa and Indica Weed

Indica and Sativa Cannabis what's the difference? One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to cannabis is that of what separates Indica from Sativa strains. Depending on who you ask, the question as to which of the two is better will always have a very different answer. Technically speaking though, [...]

17 October at 12:20

White Widow – A Crystal Covered Classic Strain

What is there to say about White Widow that hasn’t already been said? The Amsterdam classic that’s become a staple for stoners on a global basis, it’s a multi-award-winner and all-time classic for a very good reason. By combining 40 percent Indian Indica with 60 percent Brazilian Sativa strains, Australian horticulturist Scott Blakey created what [...]

13 October at 12:37

AK48 – Sativa Strain Review

The sequel to AK 47 weed? A distant relative sharing the same genetics and whatnot? Sort of, but in truth AK 48 was actually named for the fact that it can take just 48 days for the plants themselves to stop growing. That is, if you’re kind enough to give them the exact conditions they [...]

6 October at 10:15

Afghani Weed – An Indica Landrace Strain

No prizes for guessing where Afghani weed comes from…or what you can expect in terms of value from this delightful Indica strain. Whilst it was once a pure Indica strain at its origins, it’s since been cross-bred with several skunk variants to create something entirely different with an added dose of Sativa genetics. Afghani Strain Flavour [...]

23 April at 1:46

Morning Glory Cannabis Strain

Dive into a beautiful blend of Indica and Sativa genetics with Morning Glory – Afghani Indica spliced with Hawaiian Sativa and Skunk #1 by world-class weed engineers. Unsurprisingly, Holland was the birthplace of Morning Glory and even less surprisingly still, it managed to scoop up the top prize overall at the High Times Cannabis Cup [...]

21 April at 1:43

Lavender a Real Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  Don’t approach Lavender thinking you’re in for a delicate herbal hit – this is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. The brains behind this epic strain, the legendary Breeder that is Somas Sacred Seeds, brought together the genetics of Afghani, Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean and Super Skunk to create an Indica dominant masterpiece with genes from [...]

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