lavender cannabis strain review

Don’t approach Lavender thinking you’re in for a delicate herbal hit – this is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. The brains behind this epic strain, the legendary Breeder that is Somas Sacred Seeds, brought together the genetics of Afghani, Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean and Super Skunk to create an Indica dominant masterpiece with genes from half a dozen countries. Were his efforts well invested? In a word, yes…Lavender scooped up the top prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005.

The Taste of Lavender

If you like the aroma of the very best black Afghani hash on the face of the Earth, Lavender will be right up your street. Rich, spicy, slightly acrid and with a heavy sweetness, it promises an intense experience and it delivers…big time. The high hits like a ton of bricks and is far more physical than cerebral. Relaxation takes over with a wave of blissful heaviness, before couchlock sets in and sticks around for some time. Not exactly the ideal weed for a night out partying, Lavender ticks all the right boxes for blissful evenings of relaxation.

Growing Lavender

Bud growth is generous to say the least and in terms of beauty, Lavender wrote the book on good-looking leaves. Give it some time and the dark leaves eventually begin to turn a broody purple colour, with the tips darkening even further until they’re just about black. The buds themselves are slightly more compact than you might expect but massively dense, with an unmistakable aroma of rich, decadent hash. THC concentrations are on the moderate side, coming in somewhere between 10% and 15%.

Lavender is technically a pretty easy strain to grow indoors or out, due to its resilience and hardiness. It needs a fair bit of TLC to chop and trim it into the right shape for maximising yields, but it doesn’t need constant warm weather to thrive. That being said, frost will annihilate it. Optimum yield usually come out in the region of 300g to 350g for each square metre, with a flowering time of around nine weeks.

On the whole, Lavender comes with the highest recommendation for those with a taste and appetite for hash of the highest quality. It delivers a very similar aroma, flavour and experience to that of the highest quality hash – it just happens to look a hell of a lot prettier and eliminates the need for processing.

Buy Lavender Seeds

If you can get hold of a pack of Sweet Soma Lavender then you are doing very well. CBD Seeds also run a feminized and autoflowering version and if you want to add it to your collection it may be the way to go.

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Strain Characteristics

Type Type: Indica 80 Sativa 20%
Plant Height Plant Height: Up to 150cm
THC THC: Up to 20% but averages 14%
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors and outdoors
Yield Yield: 300-350g/m2
Indoor Flowering Indoor Flowering: 9-10 weeks
Harvest Outdoor Harvest Outdoor: Mid October
Stoned/High Stoned/High: Relaxed, happy and sleepy