Strain Review AK48

AK48 Marijuana Strain review

The sequel to AK 47 weed? A distant relative sharing the same genetics and whatnot? Sort of, but in truth AK 48 was actually named for the fact that it can take just 48 days for the plants themselves to stop growing. That is, if you’re kind enough to give them the exact conditions they need. It’s a combination of Jock Horror and Ice – two seriously popular and impressive strains, brought together by Dutch geniuses in the late 90s.

Take AK 48 for granted and it will always take you by surprise. Despite being a classic Indica piece of genetic engineering, it delivers a hit that’s surprisingly energetic and buzzy. Hit hard and given time, it still doesn’t lead to the kind of couchlock you’d be expecting from such a hybrid. Giggly, active and uplifting, AK 48 is a brilliant stress-reliever and party starter. The aroma is one of citrus notes with a strong pine note, not to mention a characteristic earthy undertone that translates to smooth, fresh and enjoyable flavours.

It’s an absolute beast on the munchie front too – often prescribed in medical circles as an appetite stimulant.

Growing AK48

Small plants with small leaves can be expected by the home grower. With the kinds of dense, ridiculously fragrant buds that call for serious containment if discretion is important. Seriously – you can smell this stuff a mile away! It’s more than worth dealing with (and relishing) for the promise of THC levels that can hit 20%, along with seven-week flowering times and a solid half-kilo yield for every square metre.

If you’d prefer to grow outdoors, AK 48 flourishes in climates similar to the southern Mediterranean – not so much the further north you head. So unless you’re in the ideal place, indoors it is.

With great yields, gorgeous flavours and the kind of hit that’s super-powerful but not quite enough to blow you off your feet, AK 48 delvers the total package and is an awesome session-smoke.

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