White Widow Strain Review

White Widow Cannabis Nug

What is there to say about White Widow that hasn’t already been said? The Amsterdam classic that’s become a staple for stoners on a global basis, it’s a multi-award-winner and all-time classic for a very good reason. By combining 40 percent Indian Indica with 60 percent Brazilian Sativa strains, Australian horticulturist Scott Blakey created what he probably had no idea at the time would become a number-one best-seller worldwide.

White Widow Effects

What’s the big deal with White Widow? Well, the delightfully pine-pocketed aroma and spicy-sweet flavour with a notable citrus aftertaste are enough to make White Widow a real winner. As for the high itself, White Widow delivers a powerfully energising cerebral high, often accompanied by entertaining visuals and giggly euphoria. This soon gives way to a beautifully-relaxed full body stone, with couchlock guaranteed after prolonged or particularly heavy use.

The plant itself takes its name not only from its killer high, but also those characteristic frosted white buds that have a similar shape to pine cones. THC crystals are in no short supply and give the whole bud the looks of a gorgeous diamond coating. Relaxing on another level, medical marijuana users turn to White Widow for stress-relief and management of mild anxiety.

Growing White Widow and Yield

Though White Widow can be grown outdoors in climates with plenty of sun and warmth, experienced growers prefer to tackle it indoors. Medium-sized plants can be expected, with flowering times in the region of eight to nine weeks and a maximum yield of 450g for every square metre. THC content is also more than generous, often peaking at or around the elusive 20% mark.

The appeal of White Widow it plainly obvious. Not only is it a beautiful strain that delivers a seriously epic high, but there’s also nothing quite like the satisfaction growing an all-time classic from seed and enjoying the fruits of your efforts!

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