23 December at 10:51

DEA ‘Knows Cannabis Is Safe’, Won’t Give Up Its ‘Cash Cow’

Sometimes, hearing lawmakers, experts and officials admit that cannabis is actually safe can be extremely satisfying. Knowing that longstanding arguments in favour of cannabis legalization have been given further weight by those in prominent positions is generally only ever a good thing. But at the same time, there are also instances when and where these [...]

17 November at 11:02

Florida (Finally) Gives Medical Cannabis the Go-Ahead

Florida In Favour Of MMJ While it may be the five states that took recreational cannabis to the vote that have been making all the headlines, the significance of the medical marijuana votes in four other states cannot be overstated. In Florida in particular, the successful passing of Amendment 2 as of the November 8 [...]

16 November at 10:44

California Legalizes Recreational Cannabis – Next Stop, the Whole Country?

Will Legalization In California Affect The Rest Of The USA? It’s official – California has added its name to a growing number of North American states giving the green light to recreational cannabis. Prior to being put to the public vote on November 8, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, along with Washington, D.C., were the [...]

15 November at 11:34

How Will Trump’s Newfound Power Affect the Cannabis Industry?

Will Donald Trump legalize cannabis? To say that this year has proved to be an important year for the cannabis industry would be something of an understatement. Quite simply, never has a single day had such a revolutionary impact on the future of cannabis as November 8, 2016. No fewer than nine states [...]

26 September at 3:24

The Best And Worst Of Pot Propaganda – Depressingly Hilarious

Propaganda. A wonderfully reliable go-to used by those with no real facts to share when trying to program and control the gullible. Throughout history, propaganda has been used for a thousand and one questionable purposes. And in most instances, it’s eventually been slated for the lame and lazy attempt to confuse and control it almost [...]

22 September at 3:59

Colorado Springs Cannabis Consumption Clubs Fight Cease-and-Desists Orders

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there’s a will to fly in the face of both common sense and overwhelming evidence, you better believe there will always be a way to fight the legalization of cannabis. Which is precisely why a few months back, council members in Colorado Springs made the decision [...]

20 September at 4:30

So You Think Pot Laws Where You Live Are Harsh?

While we don’t necessarily believe in schadenfreude…look it up if necessary…we certainly believe in taking comparative comfort. Or in other words, counting yourself lucky that things could always be worse. If cannabis legalization in your own jurisdiction still seems to be a million years away, you probably feel you’ve been dealt a bum hand. Nevertheless, [...]

13 September at 5:23

Cannabis Prohibition in the USA- Illegal and the Journey To Legalization

The history of cannabis is long and rich in its content. I do hope to touch upon many of the interesting and wonderful facts of this incredible plant. For now though, I am going to concentrate on just the most current era and within the United States. There are moments going back to the early [...]

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