12 July at 1:39

Aceh – An Indonesian Landrace

An increasingly rare strain that’s becoming more and more difficult to track down in the West, Aceh is a land race strain you’re guaranteed to pronounce wrong the first few times. However, what you really need to know is that it’s a superb 100% Sativa strain that first emerged from the heart of Indonesia in [...]

3 October at 10:15

Stardawg – Chemdawgs Dank Cousin

  Stardawg, who doesn’t like a strain with a good backstory? In the case of Stardawg, this legendary strain came about when two equally epic Chemdawg seeds came together. In fact, so many of the most popular strains of the 21st century owe their origins to the Chemdawg lineage. And you’re probably already aware of [...]

21 March at 11:22

King’s Bread Strain, A Pure Sativa Hitting 22% THC

King's Bread a strain fit for royalty? Quite possible, and in more ways than one. For one thing, the King’s Bread strain is comparatively rare and isn’t what you’d call easy to get hold of ready-grown. Secondly. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some, it packs an almighty punch and makes [...]

8 December at 11:45

California Kush – Hybrid Strain

If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid with a hit that’s strong but never overpowering, you could do a lot worse than check out California Kush or Cali Kush as some of you may know it. With an even 50%/50% split of Sativa and Indica genetics, this LA Confidential and Purps hybrid became [...]

28 November at 1:48

VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer – A Great Budget Portable Vape

VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer Review I have recently been testing the VaporFi Atom, a dry herb vaporizer from VaporFi, who expanded into the dry herb vape market with the VaporFi Orbit a few years back. They have now returned with their second dry herb vape, the VaporFi Atom. I had already read some good things [...]

7 November at 3:23

A Train – A Cannabis Cup Runner Up

Taking its name from a haunt slightly further north, the A-Train strain shares its handle with a Manhattan subway line. Why? Well, you’ll get a different answer from almost every seasoned stoner you ask, but to be honest it’s not important. What is important is how A-Train is a hybrid combination of Trainwreck and Mazar [...]

2 November at 11:15

Killer Purps – A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

When it was first announced that the folks at Bomb Seeds had come up with Killer Purps, it generated quite the buzz. Which is pretty apt, given the fact that it was produced by combining an unusual strain of Buzz Bomb with legendary Sour Diesel. With primarily Sativa genetics, it’s great for a mood boost [...]

26 October at 10:29

True OG, An Ocean Grown Kush

You’d have to bring something pretty epic to the table to get away with a name like this, rather than being slated as a wannabe. In the case of True OG, the latter just doesn’t come into the equation – epic is the only word to describe it. Once again, it’s never been made entirely [...]

20 October at 10:47

White Lightning Better Than White Widow?

Would it be fair to say that White Lightning is better than White Widow? Superior to one of the world’s most legendary strains? Well, you’d probably p**s off a few folks saying so, but given the fact that it’s smoother, more crystalline and delivers a way better yield than its counterpart…well, just saying! This hybrid takes [...]

19 October at 10:34

Nebula – Hybrid Strain by Paradise Seeds

Will Nebula by Paradise Seeds blow you well and truly into the stratosphere? Not exactly, but if the idea of losing a few hours staring into the sky does anything for you at all, you’ll be well at home with this little beauty. Winner of multiple awards including two prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup titles, the [...]

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