5 January at 10:30

Jet Fuel OG Strain- Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Jet Fuel OG is a strain combining Aspen OG, Sour Diesel and Original Diesel which has a complicated lineage containing some truly world class strains. Even at first glance the look of this bud is majestic, the trichomes sparkle like millions of tiny interwoven diamonds and the colours are nothing short of breath-taking. A silver effect runs through the [...]

2 November at 11:15

Killer Purps – A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

When it was first announced that the folks at Bomb Seeds had come up with Killer Purps, it generated quite the buzz. Which is pretty apt, given the fact that it was produced by combining an unusual strain of Buzz Bomb with legendary Sour Diesel. With primarily Sativa genetics, it’s great for a mood boost [...]

26 October at 10:29

True OG, An Ocean Grown Kush

You’d have to bring something pretty epic to the table to get away with a name like this, rather than being slated as a wannabe. In the case of True OG, the latter just doesn’t come into the equation – epic is the only word to describe it. Once again, it’s never been made entirely [...]

24 October at 11:34

THC Snow- A Hybrid Strain as White as Snow

Nice thought, isn’t it? THC as white as snow, falling in the form of flawless crystals from the sky. In Heaven maybe…not what you’d call reality here on Earth. Fear not though, as you’ll get pretty close by setting yourself up with a few THC Snow plants – a hybrid that combines Big Bud, White [...]

20 October at 10:47

White Lightning Better Than White Widow?

Would it be fair to say that White Lightning is better than White Widow? Superior to one of the world’s most legendary strains? Well, you’d probably p**s off a few folks saying so, but given the fact that it’s smoother, more crystalline and delivers a way better yield than its counterpart…well, just saying! This hybrid takes [...]

19 October at 10:34

Nebula – Hybrid Strain by Paradise Seeds

Will Nebula by Paradise Seeds blow you well and truly into the stratosphere? Not exactly, but if the idea of losing a few hours staring into the sky does anything for you at all, you’ll be well at home with this little beauty. Winner of multiple awards including two prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup titles, the [...]

18 October at 12:07

Kush Berry – Indica Strain Review

Call it KushBerry or Berry Kush, you’re still looking at the same combination of Blueberry and LA’s famed OG Kush. It first made its mark on the scene back in the 70s, though has since been refined and re engineered to come up with something in a different league to its first incarnation. Blueberry has [...]

17 October at 12:20

White Widow – A Crystal Covered Classic Strain

What is there to say about White Widow that hasn’t already been said? The Amsterdam classic that’s become a staple for stoners on a global basis, it’s a multi-award-winner and all-time classic for a very good reason. By combining 40 percent Indian Indica with 60 percent Brazilian Sativa strains, Australian horticulturist Scott Blakey created what [...]

12 October at 4:57

Northern Lights – Indica Hybrid Strain

Quite simply the classic of all modern classics, Northern Lights first emerged in the 80s and hasn’t spent a day off the scene ever since. It’s about as old school and timeless as it gets, having become one of the most important of all strains for use in the creation of a thousand and one [...]

10 October at 3:02

MK Ultra Strain Info- Indica Dominant Hybrid

When you’re talking hybrid strains as potent, powerful and popular as G-13 and OG Kush…well, it was only a matter of time until some psychopath brought them together to create a super-hybrid. Which they did, giving their terrifying creation the name MK Ultra. If you’re not familiar with what the original MK Ultra experiments were, look [...]

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