Dry Ice Kief- A 5 Minute Guide To Easy Extraction

Joint rolled in wax and dipped in kief

Joint rolled in wax and dipped in kief

What is Kief?

Quite simply Kief is the resinous glands that make Cannabis the wonderfully unique plant that it is and contains the Terpenes and Cannabinoids. The kief is found on both the flowers buds and also the leaves. You can see those over the plant and they look like small sticky crystals. Sometimes Kief is also referred to as Pollen or dry sift. There are a few ways to extract the kief, lots of people use chambered weed grinders with a mesh that act as a little catcher saving all the glorious kief for later. You can also use silk screening materials to extract it from larger quantities.

Video from The Weed Scene on Youtube

Why Extract Kief?

For those of you who want to try concentrates but can’t afford expensive equipment kief extraction is easy and free, apart from the cost of the weed of course. This can then be used to smoke as a concentrate and without the extra plant material combustion is a little healthier on the lungs. Alternatively you may just want to make a super spliff crammed with weed and dipped in kief like the one below. Using kief extracted from the leaves, as shown in the video above, is also a great way of getting the most from your grow. Why waste all those leaves when you can extract the kief and use it to make hash, cannabutter or joints that look spectacular.

The Best Kief

Kief is at its best and purest when it is an off white colour, so if yours is still a little green then consider sifting it again through a smaller screen. As if its still green it still contains plant matter. As kief is pretty small, it measure between 75 and 125 microns, you can use a pretty fine mesh to ensure that you get only the best buts.

How do you extract your Kief? Let us know in the comments below.