Alcohol Vs Weed

Alcohol Vs Weed

We’re not ones to preach…or course not. We’re very much the ‘live and let live’ types, simply offering our own helpful pointers for the benefit of those bothering to read them. But at the same time, we’re also about common sense and doing things right.

Which is precisely why although we’re more than happy to contend the idea of anyone upping their cannabis use, drinking booze excessively isn’t something we can salute. That would, after all, be irresponsible. The fact that pot is still classified as a more dangerous drug than alcohol is nothing short of ludicrous. Not that beer can’t be fun, but we also know it’s deadly…and messy.

But for this particular piece/rant, we’re not going to dive in the political side of things. Instead, we’re going to tell you why you really need to start drinking less and smoking more pot. We’ve pulled together 10 arguments in favour of the green stuff and…as they say…if we’re lying, we’re dying!

Dive in and see what you think for yourself:

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