In the United Kingdom, cannabis is classified as a Class-B drug. In the United States, Federal law lists cannabis as a Schedule 1 narcotic. What this basically translate to in both instances is that both governments consider cannabis to be a dangerous and addictive substance that has absolutely no beneficial medical properties whatsoever.

To a certain extent, this makes sense in the example of the United Kingdom. Given the way in which this is one of the most backward nations in the world when it comes to medical cannabis research and use, it actually comes as very little surprise to see how misguided its classification is. In the United States however, it doesn’t make a great deal of sense at all. Reason being that not only is medical marijuana research in North America incredibly advanced, but no less than 25 states have already legalised the controlled use of medicinal cannabis. So what you are left with is a situation where despite the fact that it is legal across half of the country, it is still classified as a drug with no beneficial medical properties – not to mention one that is addictive and downright dangerous.

Rather pathetic, isn’t it?

It was all the way back in the 1930s that a bunch of politicians for no good reason whatsoever set about the process of terrifying the public as to the ‘dangers’ of cannabis. There was no fundamental grounding for anything they spewed out, but it nonetheless left more than a sour taste in the mounds of millions. As of right now, there’s overwhelming scientific evidence to suggest that cannabis is neither dangerous nor addictive, yet the efforts of small-minded few all those years ago are still impacting the way things work.

Contrary to popular belief, there hasn’t been a single recorded death by cannabis overdose in recorded history. Exactly how they can call it a deadly substance therefore…well, it’s the very dictionary definition of nonsensical. And it’s something that becomes even more nonsensical when you consider these 10 other things that have killed and will continue to kill exponentially more people than cannabis ever has and ever could: