You might be under the impression you’re 100% unique, unlike any other stoner and impossible to categorise. In reality however, this really isn’t the case at all. Your habits, preferences and the kinds of things you do that annoy the hell out of those around you…well, let’s just say you’re definitely in the same bracket like thousands of others.

Not that this has to be a bad thing…that is, just as long as you don’t find yourself falling in with the following crowds. We’ve all come across them, many of us smoke with them in a regular basis, but in most instances you find yourself wishing you’d never bothered. And that of course counts double if it happens to be your weed being smoked at the time…making sure it gets a good home matters!

So at the risk of delivering a few home truths and inspiring a little early-morning contemplation, here’s a quick rundown of the 11 most annoying stoners you’ll usually regret lighting up with:

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