Best Stoner movies Ever

The Best Stoner Movies Ever

Tell anyone who likes to get high and watch a great film that “x” is on of the best stoner movies ever and you’ll start a debate that could last for days. It’s as bad as when you ask what the best strain ever is, we all have different tastes, so what you think is great I may think is dreadful and vice versa.

At this point it’s probably fair to say that the concept of the stoner movie is in its own right somewhat cliché. But at the same time, pick the right flick to watch with some seriously good bud and you can’t deny there’s no better pairing. It’s simply a case of making sure you pick the right movie, which has become trickier over recent years with so many terrible newcomers joining the mix. That and with better buds than ever some of the worst movies seem more entertaining than they really are. I’ve done it many a time, sat though 90 minutes giggling away only to get to the end and wonder why did I just waste all of that time when I could have watched something infinetly more entertaining…

The classics become classics because they’re awesome – not just because they’re in some way connected with smoking pot. Which is precisely why when you go over the most standout stoner movies that never get old, you get the distinct feeling they’re really not making them like they used to. A shame of course, but the classics never get old. In fact, some just seem to get better with every watch.

So if you’ve (somehow) managed to get this far without seeing any of the following, make this weekend the weekend you make up for your sins:

Note: We can’t please everyone and I’m sure you’ll all have an opinion as to what the best stoner movie ever is. If you do, let us know in the comments below.