buying and storing cannabis seeds

Given the fact that you cannot put a price on a towering cannabis plant that is bursting with bountiful buds, it’s also safe to say that cannabis seeds are equally priceless. If you happen to live in an area where it is legal to grow cannabis at home, consider yourself one of the very, VERY lucky ones. You’re free to do what tens of millions of others can only dream of doing…at least, in a legal sense anyway. Which in turn means total freedom to experiment with as many seeds and strains as your heart desires, becoming entirely self-sufficient with all the glorious cannabis you could ever need.

On the plus side, progress is slowly but surely starting to be made across various additional states, regions and countries, giving plenty of newcomers endless scope for experimentation. Indeed, there’s really nothing quite as exciting getting hold of that first shiny batch of cannabis seeds and taking the first pivotal steps towards growing your own. But at the same time, there are one or two things you need to know about both purchasing and storing cannabis seeds, in order to get it right.

After all, these aren’t kinds of commodities you should be taking chances with – they really are worth their weight in gold!

So if you’re getting into things for the first time or could simply use a few pointers, here’s a quick rundown of just a few of our own personal tips on buying and storing cannabis seeds, with the best possible results in mind:

Do Your Homework

First of all, there is absolutely no point choosing cannabis seeds at random with absolutely no idea exactly what kind of cannabis you will end up with. The reason being that there are quite literally thousands of different strains available these days, of which each and every one has its own extremely specific effects and properties. For example, if you are looking to grow the kind of cannabis that makes you feel energised, alert and inspired, there’s really nothing to gain from growing the kind of cannabis that delivers instant all-day couchlock. Likewise, if you are looking to set up indoors and only have a limited amount of space available, you may soon regret your decision if you set out growing the kinds of cannabis plants that tower more than 3 metres in height and branch out like Christmas trees. Exploring the whole spectrum of available cannabis seeds, at the best prices and getting the right strains is half the fun, so be sure not to miss out on it.

Buy From a Reputable Seller

You may get the impression that cannabis seeds are all much of a muchness, in terms of quality and value. In which case, you see no problem in buying them from any seller you come across, just as long as the price is right. Unfortunately, this is a good way of setting yourself up for a big disappointment. The reason being that as there are very specific rules that need to be followed when it comes to sourcing and storing cannabis seeds, you have to make sure that you are buying from a seller that follows the rules. After all, if they have obtained inferior cannabis seeds in the first place or stored them in inadequate conditions, you are probably going to fail even if you yourself follow every rule in the book. Check their reputation, reviews, feedback and so on before placing your order.

Check the Legality of It

germinating cannabis seeds

Sprouting seeds

 As already mentioned, it’s a good idea to check the legality of your purchase before actually making it, regardless of where you happen to be based. This doesn’t just come down to the moral side of keeping your activities legal, either. Instead, it comes down to the fact that if it is indeed illegal for you to be buying cannabis seeds where you live, there’s every chance they could be spotted in the post and you yourself end up in rather serious hot water. Discreet shipping is always preferable, but you still might want to see where you stand in terms of the law. Do be warned, however, that in many countries like the United Kingdom, it is perfectly legal to buy, sell and own cannabis seeds, but is nonetheless 100% illegal to germinate them. For the time being, at least.

Keep the Seeds Dry at All Times

Sooner or later, you will need to add sufficient moisture to your seeds in order to commence the germination process and begin growing your plants. However, for reasons that should be relatively obvious, this is something you should not be doing until you are actually ready to grow them. If you are planning to store your seeds for any period of time whatsoever, it is important to keep them well out of way of any moisture or humidity in general. Even if the amount of moisture they are exposed to is not sufficient to trigger the germination process, it could still easily lead to the kind of mould and rot that will destroy your seeds in no time.

Keep the Seeds at a Sensible Temperature

Cannabis seeds need to be kept at a relatively cool temperature at all times, in order to prevent potential damage. Just as excessively high temperatures can lead to the outright destruction of the seeds in general, warmth also has the potential to stimulate the commencement of the germination process. As such, it’s a good idea to ensure that they are kept somewhere of a reasonable ambient temperature, that is neither too hot or too cold.

Label Them Clearly

Contrary to popular belief, it is fundamentally impossible to identify the overwhelming majority of cannabis strains simply by looking at the seeds. In fact, pretty much every batch of cannabis seeds you are likely to come across will look absolutely identical to the next and the last. As such, don’t fall into the trap of mixing them together and expecting to be able to tell which is which at a later stage. Instead, label them clearly for your own convenience.

Avoid Touching Them

don't touch the seeds

Don’t touch the seeds!

 It’s also worth remembering that while it may be a relatively disgusting thought, your hands and fingers are…well, relatively disgusting in their own right! Each and every time you handle your cannabis seeds, you transfer an untold amount of dirt, grease, grime and bacteria on to them, which have the very real potential to damage them and hinder their eventual growth. Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to keep your fingers off them entirely.

Store in the Dark

Also important for ensuring that the seeds do not inadvertently begin germinating or suffer detrimental effects to their health in general, it is a good idea to keep the seeds in the dark. They will usually be sold in the kind of packaging that minimises light anyway, so it might be worth simply keeping them in this.

Hide Them

Last but not least, it’s worth bearing in mind the fact that whether or not it is 100% legal or otherwise to cultivate cannabis where you live, quality weed is an extremely valuable commodity. And for that matter, so are quality cannabis seeds. As such, it simply makes sense to keep what you are doing under wraps to the most realistic possible extent, hiding away anything that suggests you may be cultivating or planning to cultivate cannabis. Out of sight, out of mind – a good rule to follow at all times!

How do you store your seeds? Let us know what you do in the comments below.