Whichever end of the spectrum you happen to be in personally, red eye remains one of the great mysteries of marijuana. You know it happens, you know how your own body reacts to cannabis use, but at the same time you probably have no idea why. Not only this, but you may also have no clue as to why some people can’t smoke pot without ending up with crimson-red eyes, while others don’t seem to be affected at all.

Given the fact that red eye tends to be just about the single most obvious and characteristic sign of a good smoking session, it is hardly surprising most stoners would prefer to avoid it. Or at least, learn a few tricks with regard to how to get rid of it. Do the rounds online and you’ll find a thousand and one weird and wonderful theories with regard to how to both prevent and treat red eye. The only problem being that just as it is the case with most such things online, about 90% of everything you come across is pure garbage.

So based purely on the facts and the snippets you really need to know, here’s a quick introductory guide to the basics of red eye and how to deal with it.