If you happen to live in any of the North American states where cannabis is now legal…well, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! As the rest of the country (not to mention the world) waits for news on its own future domestic pot policies, a few select states are demonstrating just how epic legalization can be. No anarchy on the streets, no detriment to an entire generation and an actual plummet in cannabis abuse rates. All in all, they’re setting the kind of example the rest of us really should be following by now.

To date, almost half of North American states have legalized medical marijuana to one extent or another. The recreational stuff may still be heavily controlled, but those in need of cannabis for genuine health reasons can finally get hold of the stuff without having to break the law. And of course, the legalization of medical marijuana represents the first important step toward full recreational pot legalization. It may be some time before most states catch up in this department, but still…chances are a fair few will eventually.

Too Good to Imagine?
If you’ve visited Colorado as of late or happen to know anyone living there, chances are you’ve asked them the obvious question “What’s it like?” The reason being that for most of us, living permanently in a location where recreational cannabis is comprehensively available and permitted by law seems too good to be true. Too good to imagine, even. It’s not as if the people of Colorado necessarily want to become known for one thing and one thing only, but you can’t help but wonder what it’s like to wake up and know you can do what you love to do, without fear of any kind of reprisal.

Well, as keen public servants with a commitment to those who share our views, we’ve spoken to a bunch of locals to get their own views on the immediate effects legalization has on the state/region you live in. Aside from the obvious – as in being able to get hold of and enjoy killer weed with ease – we wanted to know what else changed in the weeks and months following that glorious day pot becomes legal.

So while it may stir up more than a few feelings of jealously, here’s what they had to tell us about what to expect if you’re lucky enough to be next in line: