First of all, it is crucial to be aware of the fact that even in regions of the United States where growing cannabis at home is legal, the actual legislation itself and applicable regulations are so much more complicated than you think. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as simple as just setting up your own cultivation project at home and going for it. Instead, there are hundreds of tiny yet significant additional rules and regulations, which apply to everything from the number of “mature” plants you are allowed to have, what exactly it is that qualifies as “mature”, how much prepared product you are allowed to have on the premises and carry with you, how many plants you can have in accordance with the occupants of the home, whether or not you can grow at all in relation to the proximity of nearby buildings, where in your home and garden you are allowed to position your plants and even things as specific as how and where you can get rid of waste chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

And rest assured that if you don’t bother to fully read up on all applicable rules and regulations in accordance with the state you live in, chances are a nosy neighbour or someone else with too much time on their hands will poke their nose in and have their say.