Google has done a pretty impressive job of removing all the mystery and wonder from life in general. These days, it’s hard to imagine a world where there is anything you couldn’t find out in an instant. In decades gone by, if there was something you didn’t know, you just didn’t know it. If you wanted an answer, you’d have to research it yourself or find someone clued up. These days, you just hammer it into Google and trust whatever happens to pop up first.

Which is precisely why Google has become the go-to for millions of people with cannabis questions. Not that you can always rely on Google to provide accurate answers, but still…most people will believe just about anything they read. And when it comes to the specific cannabis questions that get processed through Google, some are far more common and popular than others.

So in order to ensure you’re every bit as well informed as you need to be, what follows is a rundown of the most Googled questions on cannabis and the correct answers for each:

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