Right now, the global cannabis industry is booming like never before. When combining newly authorised recreational marijuana sales with a staggering medical cannabis industry, you’re looking at a multi-billion-dollar annual tally in the United States alone. And that’s despite the fact that only four states to date have legalized recreational marijuana – medicinal cannabis still only being permitted in 25 states.

As far as the experts are concerned, what this all adds up to is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for those looking to spark up a cannabis career. The figures are already impressive, but immediately take on incredible new significance when considering the fact that this gigantic and powerful market is really only just beginning to take its first baby steps. With countless states expected to follow suit soon enough, it really is the kind of upswing that has only just got going. And as is the case with all such fledgling industries, experts and economists alike are advising anyone who can to grab themselves a piece of the pie at ground level.

Speaking on behalf of Marijuana Business Daily, managing editor Chris Walsh said the whole thing represents an opportunity that is beyond pure gold.

“Assuming current trends continue, this is one of the best financial opportunities that most people will see in their lifetime,” he wrote.

“It’s very rare to have a brand-new industry crop up that has this much potential and is moving forward so quickly. Marijuana has the potential to become one of the powerhouse game changers in the history of American businesses, akin to the advent of high tech and automobiles.”

Of course, critics continue to argue that now is not the time to jump on the bandwagon due to the inevitable risks involved. The fact that Federal law still classifies cannabis as 100% illegal has led to plenty of would-be service providers and financers staying the hell away from the industry altogether. Not only this, but local government offices have made it abundantly clear that they consider what’s happening now to be somewhat experimental – tweaks and modifications in cannabis law being largely guaranteed going forwards.

Still, getting in at ground level in a sensible capacity could easily prove to be the start of something massive. Which begs the question – how to do it?

Think About What You Can Already Do


Well, first of all you need to think about the fact that in pretty much every case of a growing or established cannabis business, business comes first. And just like any other business, they need the same kinds of specialists and experts as everyone else. They need IT workers, construction, PR, HR and so on. Which basically means that even if you do not consider yourself a cannabis expert right now, you probably already have at least some talents and experience that could land you a job in the industry.

“Any service or product common in the business world at large can be applied to the cannabis industry — and almost everyone with a professional skill can find an opportunity,” Walsh advised.

“Look at me: I have a background in business journalism. When I first accepted my current position, people thought I was crazy, but now I’m working for a growing company with 20 employees.”

Network Like Crazy

You know that saying that tells of who you know being more important than what you know? Well it’s true…in absolutely every industry including this one. If you manage to meet the right people and in some way make the right impression with them, you will probably find it about 99% easier to break into the industry than going it alone.

Right now, there are so many incredible cannabis social networks, web forums, expositions, demonstrations and so on happening all over the place – it’s up to you to make sure you’re there. You basically need to consider anyone with any kind of interest in cannabis whatsoever the kind of future contact that could help you walk into the job of your dreams, never throw away a business card or write-off a contact as useless to you – there’s a chance you’ll regret it big time.

Start Your Own Business

As for starting your own business in the cannabis industry, the key lies in not necessarily chasing the most obvious and out of reach options. The idea of setting up your own cannabis farm and building an empire might be appealing, but realistically it probably isn’t going to happen. Instead therefore, think perhaps about building a brand or business that offers a service the cannabis industry needs.

Take Cannabrand, for example – a Colorado marketing business that after the legalization of pot dedicated everything they do to cannabis marketing. They saw the potential in the new niche, established themselves as a dedicated provider and experienced the kind of success they never did as a general marketing company. From sales to marketing to website development to SEO to content writing and so on, you don’t actually ever have to come within 1,000 miles of a cannabis plant to carve out an amazing career in weed.

Investment Opportunities


If your main priority is to make as much money as possible from this unique and growing industry, there are some very healthy investment opportunities to think about. Now, this of course means having enough money in the first place to invest in somebody else’s business, which may immediately rule out the majority of those looking to join the industry. However, if you have the capital available and have been looking for a solid investment opportunity, it’s worth remembering that many (if not most) new recreational cannabis businesses are finding it difficult or even impossible to secure funding.

Why? Well, quite simply because the Feds continue to classify cannabis as illegal, meaning that larger local and national lenders alike are refusing to go anywhere near the cannabis industry. It’s a case of nothing more than pure stubbornness and blinkered thinking, but it’s also the way things are for now. Which in turn means that businesses at all levels and in a variety of capacities are crying out for both investors and financial services in general. If you have any kind of expertise in these areas, it could be a great place to start your journey.

Study Hard

Just because you are seriously into cannabis does not necessarily make you a cannabis expert. After all, you may have a fondness for flying, but this doesn’t mean you could successfully pilot a jet. The simple fact of the matter is that while it isn’t necessary to be a world-class cannabis expert to land a job in the industry, it is only going to help your cause if you are well and truly clued up on the subject. The more knowledgeable you are, the more versatile and valuable you will appear in the eyes of employers.

There are so many incredible study opportunities available right now for those interested in getting serious with cannabis, there’s really no excuse for not getting involved. Consider an online course if you do not have time to attend in person, or at least begin making the necessary efforts to improve your cannabis knowledge single-handedly.

Check Job Sites

While jobs in the cannabis industry do not tend to pop up particularly frequently on mainstream job sites, there are plenty of targeted job sites that focus exactly on this industry in particular. Examples include WeedHire, THCjobs, BlazedIn, SoHookedUp, Viridian Staffing and CannaClassified, though it’s also worth keeping your eye on Craigslist as it seems to be a favourite among marijuana employers in the US. When it comes to standard careers websites and the like however, you may be wasting your time with most generic examples.

Contact Businesses Directly

As is always advisable when looking for a job of any kind, there is usually nothing to gain by waiting for what you want to be served to you on a silver platter. Don’t think for one a minute that every job that becomes available will be advertised. Quite to the contrary in fact, you have to remember that this is the kind of industry where a lot of businesses like to keep things low-key.

There are thousands of incredible cannabis businesses out there you’d love to work for and you need to know whether or not they are hiring. As such, exactly what you need to do about all this should come across as a bit of a no brainer – get in touch with them directly. Just ensure that before doing so you tailor your resume specifically for this kind of work, you research a company sufficiently to show you know what they’re all about and you have some kind of pitch that sells you and what you do. And above all else, be persistent. Even if there’s nothing suitable for you right now, this doesn’t mean a position with your name all over it won’t open next week. Or month.