17 March at 10:55

Breaking Into the Cannabis Industry – Is Now the Time?

As far as stock market investors are concerned, the marijuana industry is one of the hottest topics of all right now. The prospect of pumping money into the fledgling industry at such an early stage in order to capitalise on near-guaranteed explosive growth is universally appealing to say the least. Right now, there are thousands [...]

6 March at 10:26

US Cannabis Job Creation Will Outpace Manufacturing by 2020

One of the few things we know for sure about the Trump Administration’s thoughts on cannabis is that public opinion is inconsequential. If it wasn’t, the White House wouldn’t have already gone on-record to issue a veiled threat to the legal cannabis industry. Something heads to the ballot box, the public votes in favour of [...]

6 January at 11:16

Working On a Cannabis Farm, The Life of a Trim-migrant

My first few weeks in Oregon and California were extremely chaotic, but fortunately and quite unexpectedly I found an awesome gig just in the nick of time.  In between air bnb rentals & a costly weekend in the Napa Valley, I got a promising response to  one of my craigslist ads and the next day [...]

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