18 November at 10:59

Solved: Is Cannabis Today Stronger than 30 Years Ago?

  Cannabis stronger now or in the past? The debate as to whether cannabis is stronger today than it was a few decades ago rages hard on both sides of the argument. Anti-cannabis campaigners are constantly floating the baseless suggestion that as cannabis is stronger today, it poses a bigger ‘danger’ than it [...]

18 October at 11:46

History of Cannabis Prohibition George W Bush

A History Of Cannabis Prohibition by Thomas E Young- Part 6 Follow Thomas E Young on Twitter Bush caught with Cocaine? George W. Bush with considerable controversy would become the first president of the new century while just continuing many of the old guards policies towards drugs and specifically cannabis.   The new millennium would bring this [...]

11 October at 5:36

History Of Prohibhition Bill Clinton Part 5- The president Who Never Inhaled

Bill Clinton- The President Who Never Inhaled by Thomas E young Follow Thomas E Young on Twitter Bill Clinton exhaling on the Saxaphone William Jefferson Clinton, a name that conjures a lot of thoughts that scatter in many directions.  The two terms of his presidency were filled with many high notes as [...]

4 October at 11:36

A History of Cannabis Prohibition Part 4- George H W Bush

A History Of Cannabis Prohibition by Thomas E Young- Part 4 Follow Thomas E Young on Twitter If you've missed the previous articles part 1, part 2 and part 3 are all still available. George H W Bush speech on drugs President George H. W. Bush would only serve a short yet intense and highly fraught [...]

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