18 October at 12:07

Kush Berry – Indica Strain Review

Call it KushBerry or Berry Kush, you’re still looking at the same combination of Blueberry and LA’s famed OG Kush. It first made its mark on the scene back in the 70s, though has since been refined and re engineered to come up with something in a different league to its first incarnation. Blueberry has [...]

12 October at 4:57

Northern Lights – Indica Hybrid Strain

Quite simply the classic of all modern classics, Northern Lights first emerged in the 80s and hasn’t spent a day off the scene ever since. It’s about as old school and timeless as it gets, having become one of the most important of all strains for use in the creation of a thousand and one [...]

10 October at 3:02

MK Ultra Strain Info- Indica Dominant Hybrid

When you’re talking hybrid strains as potent, powerful and popular as G-13 and OG Kush…well, it was only a matter of time until some psychopath brought them together to create a super-hybrid. Which they did, giving their terrifying creation the name MK Ultra. If you’re not familiar with what the original MK Ultra experiments were, look [...]

6 October at 10:15

Afghani Weed – An Indica Landrace Strain

No prizes for guessing where Afghani weed comes from…or what you can expect in terms of value from this delightful Indica strain. Whilst it was once a pure Indica strain at its origins, it’s since been cross-bred with several skunk variants to create something entirely different with an added dose of Sativa genetics. Afghani Strain Flavour [...]

3 October at 10:43

Afghan Kush- Indica Strain

From exactly the same neck of the woods as 8 Ball Kush, Afghan Kush is kind of strain any self-respecting dispensary should supply with a potency warning. Or should that be, more of a potency promise – this strain kicks hard, fast and long. It’s native to an area of Afghanistan in the region of [...]

3 May at 1:56

Sensi Star Indica Strain

You’d think that the proud creators of Sensi Star would want to shout to the world about how they came up with their masterpiece. But no – they instead decided to keep us all in the dark and have managed for over 20 years now to completely hide its true origins and makeup. We know [...]

30 April at 1:53

Platinum Kush Indica Strain

Not only has Platinum Kush earned an epic reputation over the years among seasoned stoners, it’s also a staple in the medical marijuana world. A hybrid born of engineering the genetics of Master Kush with Afghani Indica, Platinum Kush appeared for the first time over 20 years ago and scooped up one of the biggest [...]

28 April at 1:50

Mr Nice Indica Strain

Mr Nice himself, Howard MarksNamed after the man himself…Howard Marks if you didn’t already know…The Mr Nice strain brings together the madmen that are Hash Plant and G13. Legend has it that G13 was the product of a secret US government experiment, which realistically is a story that holds about as much water as a [...]

21 April at 1:43

Lavender a Real Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  Don’t approach Lavender thinking you’re in for a delicate herbal hit – this is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. The brains behind this epic strain, the legendary Breeder that is Somas Sacred Seeds, brought together the genetics of Afghani, Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean and Super Skunk to create an Indica dominant masterpiece with genes from [...]

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