13 October at 12:37

AK48 – Sativa Strain Review

The sequel to AK 47 weed? A distant relative sharing the same genetics and whatnot? Sort of, but in truth AK 48 was actually named for the fact that it can take just 48 days for the plants themselves to stop growing. That is, if you’re kind enough to give them the exact conditions they [...]

11 October at 12:17

Alaskan Ice – Sativa Strain Review

What do you get when you cross two completely epic strains like Haze and White Widow? The answer – you get the madman that is Alaskan Ice. An extremely highly-regarded Sativa strain, it has genetics from Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico and Columbia. So you’re basically looking at a first-class weed world tour, all wrapped up in one award-winning [...]

5 October at 10:30

Acapulco Gold – Sativa Strain From Barney’s Farm

Gold by name and you better believe Gold by nature. Just the mention of Acapulco Gold is enough to bring dreams of times gone by, when the now-thriving tourist resort of Acapulco was more a hotbed for bandits, smugglers and local hippies. There’s still plenty of debate as to whether the ‘Gold’ in its name [...]

9 May at 2:01

Urban Poison Sativa Strain

Put simply, you won’t find a self-respecting stoner on Earth that hasn’t tried and loved Urban Poison. It’s in a league of its own – but considering the fact that it’s the product of crossing Northern Lights with Durban Poison, what else would you expect? After being introduced in the late 80s, this awesome hybrid [...]

6 May at 1:59

Trainwreck Hybrid Strain

If you’re wondering about the history and backstory of Trainwreck, join the queue! Sadly, we can’t even begin to hazard a guess where this long-time legend came from – suffice to say neither can anyone else. We know it first hit the scene in 1960s California, but other than that…well, that’s about it. In any [...]

19 April at 1:39

Alaskan Thunder Fuck – 2011 Cannabis Cup Winner

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Review More sensitive types may know this particular strain as Alaskan Tundra or even Matanuska Tundra, but its official moniker is nonetheless Alaskan Thunder Fuck. It’s not the kind of name that paints a picture of a shrinking violet…nor should it be either. Originally concocted in the 70s by bringing together [...]

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